FOX has announced the names and basic biography information of the 28 singles who be looking to tempt the show's previous announced four "commited couples" into breaking up.

Set in the tropical Caribbean paradise of the Bay Islands off the Central American Coast, "Temptation Island" will chronicle the relationships of four couples seeking to challenge the strength of their love and trust. These couples are joined in their island adventure by the 28 eligible singles, 14 female and 14 male. Television personality Mark Walberg returns to host the third installment of this unscripted series. "Temptation Island" will premiere Thursday, Aug. 28 (9-10 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The single women are:

- Tiffany, age 23. Current home: Boca Raton, FL; occupation: Administrative Assistant
- Ida, age 24. Current home: Toronto, Canada; occupation: Actress/Model
- Kelly Anne, age 24. Current home: Los Angeles, CA; occupation: Retail Manager
- Amy, age 23. Current home: Elkview, WV; occupation: Teacher
- Tanaya, age 26. Current home: Pasadena, CA; occupation: Promotions
- Corie, age 30. Current home: Las Vegas, NV; occupation: Respiratory Therapist
- Eve, age 27. Current home: Minneapolis, MN; occupation: Stunt Woman
- Kristin, age 22. Current home: Kansas City, MO; occupation: Model
- Sandra, age 23. Current home: Los Angeles, CA; occupation: Dance Instructor
- Maria, age 25. Current home: Miami, FL; occupation: Actress/Model
- Ashley, age 22. Current home Rockhill, SC; occupation: Fitness Sales
- Melanie, age 23. Current home: Los Angeles, CA; occupation: Waitress
- Erryn, age 21. Current home: Kansas City, MO; occupation: Waitress
- Kaileen, age 25. Current home: Diamond Bar, CA; occupation: Graphic Designer

The single men are:

- Chris, age 27. Current home: Nashville, TV; occupation: Graduate Student
- Jeffrey, age 23. Current home: New York NY; occupation: Small Business Owner
- Derrick, age 21. Current home: Big Lake, MN; occupation: Construction/Model
- Giulio, age 29. Current home Queens, NY; occupation: Perioperative Assistant
- Ryan, age 22. Current home: Los Alamitos, CA; occupation: Surf Photographer
- Mike, age 29. Current home: Hoboken, NJ; occupation: Equity Trader
- Scott, age 24. Current home: Hollywood, CA; occupation: Police Academy
- Jon, age 25. Current home: Minneapolis, MN; occupation: Pro In-Line Skater
- Ryan, age 23. Current home: Santa Monica, CA; occupation: Business Management Consultant
- Sterling, age 25. Current home: Nashville, TN; occupation: Sales Representative/Model
- Ian, age 23. Current home: New Orleans, LA; occupation: Public Relations
- Jerome, age 26. Current home: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; occupation: Bartender/Promoter
- Keith, age 28. Current home: Kansas City, KS; occupation: Construction
- Ryan, age 26. Current home: West Bloomfield, MI; occupation: Marketing Associate

As previously announced, the four couples embarking on the journey to "Temptation Island" are:

- Anthony, a sales manager, and Stephanie, a hairstylist/model, from Chicago, IL. Dating three years.
- Eric, a caterer, and Kristin, a student, from Farmville, VA. Dating three and one half years.
- Michael, a bartender/model, and Melissa, a promoter/model/former Miss New York, from Long Island, NY. Dating two years.
- Jason, a massage therapist, and Kara, a receptionist, from Las Vegas, NV. Dating one year.

Fox World, a production unit of Fox Television Studios, produces "Temptation Island" with Rocket Science Laboratories, LLC. Daniela Welteke is head of Fox World and Michael Shevloff serves as executive producer. Chris Cowan and Jean-Michel Michenaud serve as executive producers for Rocket Science Laboratories, LLC.