Kristin Cavallari is apparently not afraid to express how she feels about her quarterback boyfriend.

"I'm in love," Cavallari told People on Saturday night.

The former The Hills star has fallen hard for Chicago Bears star Jay Cutler, but the couple had to spend last weekend apart. Cavallari turned 24 and celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas on Saturday, while Cutler's team was in the NFL playoffs and had to play in Chicago on Sunday.

"I want to be there," Cavallari said. "I'm bummed that I'm not there and he's not here."

But Cutler still found ways to make Cavallari's birthday special, sending her a large bouquet of pink flowers to her VIP table at Vegas' The Bank Nightclub.

"Things are really good. I'm just enjoying my personal life and taking a little time away from the public eye, which is why Chicago is great for me," Cavallari explained.

"My mom and that whole side of the family is there. And Jay is there. It's nice to be able to hang out with my mom, and, you know, I'm in love and it's been great."