Trista and Ryan Sutter met under pretty dramatic circumstances during ABC's Winter 2003 broadcast of The Bachelorette's first season, and Trista said the way the couple welcomed their first child together was similar.

"He came into the world in a pretty dramatic way," Trista said in a recent interview with about Maxwell Alston Sutter, who was born in late July.

Several months into her pregnancy, Trista was diagnosed with HELLP (hemolysis, elevated liver enzyme levels and a low pallet count) syndrome, a complication of preeclampsia that attacks the mother's vital organs. 

"If you've never heard of it, good," Trista told MomLogic.  "Hopefully you never will have to hear about it if you are pregnant.

Due to the diagnosis, Trista delivered Max via a C-section four-weeks early. 

"He's in the second percentile for weight, fifth percentile for height, and twenty-fifth [percentile] for his head,"Trista told MomLogic about Max, who is 4-months-old.  "He is still on oxygen at home back in Colorado.  But we live at 8,500-feet altitude and because he was born a little bit early, he just needs a little extra help."

Trista said one of the surprises Max has provided is "how easy" he's been to take care of since he isn't mobile.

"Right now at least he's not rolling or crawling or running or any of that yet," she told MomLogic.

However Trista added "sleeping, or lack thereof" has been an unpleasant surprise for the first-time mom.

"Trying to get him to sleep through the night is a pretty difficult task," she told MomLogic.