Jessica "Sugar" Kiper was arrested for driving while intoxicated in New Orleans this past weekend.

The former Survivor castaway and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew participant snapped a selfie while inside a police officer's vehicle on Saturday after allegedly hitting the back of a parked car outside of a Baton Rouge high school, TMZ reported.

A "clearly hammered" Kiper was reportedly taken to jail afterwards where she was booked and later released.

On Sunday, Kiper posted the selfie on Instagram and, according to TMZ, wrote, "In my 8 hours [in jail] I made my weakest cell mate my bitch."

The former reality TV star added, "#Survivor was worse. Crossing this off my bucket list. #wakeupcall... My mugshot is going to be as bad as my yearbook photos."

Kiper subsequently posted an Instagram image that night which read, "Yes... I'm stupid sometimes... Let's just move on." 

Kiper finished as the second runner-up on Survivor: Gabon but was the first castaway eliminated from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She also appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew's fifth season during which she was treated for numerous addictions -- including alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs.
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