Kenley Collins was known for throwing some fits during her time as a contestant on Project Runway. At home she apparently prefers throwing housecats instead.

Collins, the second-runner-up on the fifth season of Project Runway that aired on Bravo last fall, was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly assaulting and throwing a cat at her sleeping fiance, E! News reported Wednesday. The designer was charged with suspicion of assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon

According to a copy of the police complaint obtained by E! that was filed by Zak Penley, Collins' presumably now former live-in fiance, Collins allegedly woke Penley at 7AM by throwing her feline at him and then slamming a bedroom door against his head as he tried to leave the room. She then grabbed Penley's laptop and, after threatening him with it, threw it and struck him in the head.

Collins allegedly proceeded to lob apples and a cup of water at Penley's head as well before stating "You're lucky, it could've been a lot worse."

Police arrived at the scene later that morning following a call by Penley. Upon arriving, they noted that Penley had suffered "swelling and redness to the face and head," feared further injury and was "alarmed and annoyed," according to the police complaint.

After being released without bail on Wednesday, Collins attempted to downplay the situation.

"It was a miscommunication," she told the New York Post. "Fights happen, And that's that. There is no case."