Kenley Collins is responding to her charges of feline-tossing, and she's got her claws out.

"The story portrayed in the papers is false," the 26-year-old fashion designer and former fifth-season Project Runway finalist said after a Wednesday hearing at the Brooklyn Criminal Court, the New York Post reported.

Collins was arrested last Tuesday and charged with suspicion of assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon after allegedly assaulting and throwing a cat at ex-fiance Zak Penley, who was allegedly sleeping at the time.

According to a copy of the police complaint filed by Penley that was obtained by E! News following her arrest, Collins allegedly woke Penley at 7AM by throwing one of her cats at him and then slamming a bedroom door against his head as he tried to leave the room. According to Penley, she then grabbed his laptop and, after threatening him with it, threw it and struck him in the head.

After that, Collins then allegedly proceeded to lob apples and a cup of water at Penley's head as well before stating "You're lucky, it could've been a lot worse" before police arrived. 

However according to Collins, Penley has exaggerated much of the incident.

"The only reason why a cat was involved in this story because when I first approached Zak, I was holding my cat and it was gently tossed onto my bed," she said.  "There was no cat hurt or thrown. The cat was not thrown at Zak. It was tossed onto the bed. There was an argument. No violence was used. Nothing was thrown."

In addition, Collins' lawyer Peter Tilem also claimed that Penley made up the charges as a revenge tactic after Collins ended their engagement. He added that prosecutors had informed him that the assault charge would be reduced to a misdemeanor charge next month, the Post reported.