Apparently Aaron Buerge didn't get enough of the media spotlight during his run on ABC's The Bachelor 2, because he now wants to make an acting debut in the worst way possible. He may have found it, too.

The Austin Business Journal reports that Aaron has accepted an offer to star in a movie to be made by Austin-based Cactus Animal Productions. The movie, tentatively named Antlers, deals with a young man's time at the University of Missouri, which shouldn't be too much of a stretch for Aaron, who is from Springfield, Mo.

Two of Cactus Animal Production's co-founders will be responsible for the film. One wrote it, although he has never written a movie before, and another will direct it, although he has never directed a feature film before. No one else has been cast, and the producers are still looking to raise the $1 million mini-budget needed to begin production of Antlers. The movie is also billed as a "romantic dramedy" -- a mixture of genres that even the more-experienced star, writer and directors of HBO's Project Greenlight 2 feature The Battle of Shaker Heights found difficult to capture on a $1 million budget.

The whole story reminds us of two lines from the old Beatles song "Drive My Car": "I got no car, and it's breakin' my heart. But I got a driver; that's a start." Well, the producers "got" no movie, but they "got" an "actor," and that's a start.