E! Online reports that CBS has finally green-lighted a fifth edition of its Emmy-winning reality-competition series The Amazing Race.

Although CBS had previously permitted the show's executive producers, Bertram van Munster and Jerry Bruckheimer, to begin taking applications for The Amazing Race 5, it had not authorized the show's production. Even CBS chairman Les Moonves, who has been one of the show's champions, expressed doubt about the show's future due to its less-than-stellar ratings. Van Munster talked about how his crew suffered "a little bit of torture" every day while waiting for a final decision from the network.

Some observers (like us, frankly) thought that the show's future might hinge on an Emmy win. Whether we were right or wrong, everything regarding The Amazing Race changed when it became only the second reality show to win an Emmy. Immediately after the Emmy ceremony, the Hollywood Reporter quoted Bruckheimer, who is also the producer of CBS's smash hit CSI franchise, as asking, "CBS, are you watching?" The answer appears to be yes.

Although Bruckheimer stated that he hoped that TAR "will be in the top 10 someday," CBS's goals for the show appear to be more modest. Like TAR4, TAR5 will be a summer series. Maybe it can help wash away some of the sex and sleaze that CBS's other summer reality show, Big Brother, brings to the one-time "Tiffany network."