Former Average Joe reality dating show star Adam Mesh is no longer single. Mesh recently married Jessica Malca, a New York City neighbor to whom he became engaged last August.

Mesh, who was rejected by Melana Scantlin in the December 2003 finale of Average Joe's original edition and starred in Average Joe: Adam Returns, a Spring 2004 role-reversed The Bachelor-like third edition that ended with Mesh selecting Samantha Trenk, began dating Malca after his short-lived relationship with Trenk ended.

According to People, the couple wed in a May 28 ceremony at Temple Beth-David, one of the oldest Jewish temples in Miami, Malca's hometown. Approximately 270 guests attended the reception.

Mesh, 30, had proposed to Malca, 25, last August. Seeking "an element of surprise," he had arranged for Malca's co-workers to trick her into thinking that she -- and she alone -- had to visit a theater and attend a private screening of a new corporate film. But rather than a corporate film, the screen began showing home videos and a photo montage of the couple's time together, after which Mesh, who had been hiding in the control room, proposed.

Despite appearing on two different reality dating shows, Mesh literally ended up marrying the girl next door -- the pair met when living in the same New York City apartment building. "My roommate (spotted her), and he was like, 'That girl is so for you,'" Mesh told People. "It's nice to be with a real girl who likes me for who I am. I'm really happy."

The couple is currently on a two week honeymoon in Hawaii -- which, somewhat ironically, is where Average Joe 2: Hawaii, the Winter 2004 edition that aired in between Mesh's Average Joe editions, filmed. In addition to his Average Joe appearances, Mesh also appeared on Battle Of The Network Reality Stars, last summer's disappointing revival of the classic 70's television series.