James Durbin has welcomed his second child with wife Heidi Durbin. 

Heidi and James, who finished in fourth place on American Idol's tenth season, named their daughter Kinzee Cruz Durbin, who was born at 6:14PM on Friday, People reported.

"Nothing compares to holding your brand new baby. She's gonna be worth every sleepless night," the couple told People. "We're so thankful to have her."

Kinzee Cruz reportedly weighed eight pounds and 11 ounces and measured just under 22 inches long.

"We're looking forward to even more laughter in the house and those silly baby expressions," the singer said.

James, 25, announced in April his wife was expecting another baby. The parents also have a five-year-old son Hunter, who is "very excited" to be a big brother, according to the magazine.

"Since we spaced them apart from each other, Hunter will probably be a big help," explained James, who wed Heidi on New Year's Eve in 2011.