Florence Henderson claims VH1 tried to strong-arm My Fair Brady lovebirds Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry into getting engaged.

The 74-year-old former The Brady Bunch matriarch was at Tuesday's Television Critics Association session for her new Hallmark movie Ladies of the House, however she also told reporters about how she came to appear on My Fair Brady and "counsel" Knight about his relationship with Curry, the first-season America's Next Top Model winner he had met when they both appeared on The Surreal Life's 2004 fourth season.

"He's like my son," said Henderson of Knight, the Hartford Courant reported Tuesday. 

"His mother had passed away and he was very involved with this -- this person that he met on The Surreal Life.  They were trying to actually, I think, force him to get engaged.  And he called me and he said, 'Would you come and, uh, just counsel us?'"

In addition to being an actress, Henderson is also a certified hypnotherapist, so she said she reluctantly agreed to appear at Knight's behest.

"So I went and counseled them," she told reporters, according to the Courant. "But they didn't take my advice at all."

Instead My Fair Brady's Fall 2005 first season concluded with the former The Brady Bunch child actor proposing to Curry.

"They asked if I could come and counsel them before the marriage," said Henderson, the Courant reported. "And I said, 'No, but maybe I'll come and counsel the divorce.'"

Knight and Curry went on without Henderson, as My Fair Brady's Summer 2006 second season ended with them tying the knot in her hometown Joliet, IL, and its third season this past winter focused on them attempting to become parents.