Christopher Knight is disappointed and Adrianne Curry feels her husband was disrespected last week by Florence Henderson when she claimed the My Fair Brady lovebirds were pushed into getting engaged by VH1.

"It hurts me deeply that someone that I have loved and respected for so many years; someone that has held an esteemed position in my life, would discuss overtly negative personal opinions about my marriage in a public forum," Knight wrote Friday on his personal MySpace blog. 

"Since I was a child I looked up to Florence as a consummate professional and as a woman of unique class. I can only hope these recent comments are an aberration or better yet, taken completely out of context."

Meanwhile Curry said Henderson's comments brought one emotion out: "anger."

"I am sorry she is acting this way, and am a little embarrassed for her," the America's Next Top Model first-season champ wrote in a Wednesday entry on her personal MySpace blog.  "I was nothing but nice to her when we met, and she had it out for me before I said a word. I even hope her TV movie does well, since she is so desperate to generate attention for it. I pray she has the right mind to at least give my husband a call and apologize to HIM."

"She disrespected him and hurt him in her attempt for attention. If she loves him as much as she says, I know she will do the right thing. I wish this could have worked out better. Lord knows I tried to connect with 'this person', but it is obvious that it was never meant to be. I just wish she could be more professional about this. It's weird to have someone on the level of Mr Rogers and Barney hate you. I must be the bad child ;)"

While at last Tuesday's Television Critics Association session for her new Hallmark movie Ladies of the House, the 74-year-old former The Brady Bunch matriarch told reporters about how she appeared on My Fair Brady to "counsel" Knight about his relationship with Curry -- only to realize VH1 was trying to "force him to get engaged."

Henderson went on to say that Knight "didn't take my advice at all," as My Fair Brady's Fall 2005 first season concluded with him proposing to Curry while its Summer 2006 second season ended with the couple tying the knot in Curry's hometown Joliet, IL.

"I love Adrianne with all my heart and can't begin to imagine life without her," wrote Knight.  "Our marriage is as true and certain as the love we share as Husband and Wife. Although we met under the most unlikely circumstances, our romance then and relationship now is as real as any that ever been created."

"My love for Adrianne may have emerged and blossomed from uniquely odd circumstances. Yet the challenges this has created for us seem to pale in comparison to the challenge this has created for some persons to believe in us."

Knight added it's "no secret" that Henderson and Curry "do not see eye to eye" and he can "empathize with both sets of views."  He concluded his blog entry by wishing for a truce between his TV mom and real-life wife.

"In the struggle I have hoping one day these two women will bridge their generation and philosophical differences, calling my marriage a sham helps so very little," he wrote.  "I put forth the hope that one day both Adrianne and Florence, both of whom have played an integral role in my life, will find a way to come together in a peaceful and respectful way. In the mean time, the sanctity of my marriage should not be called into question."