Fantasia Barrino has confirmed her recent drug overdose was a suicide attempt.

"I knew exactly what I was doing, you can't accidentally take a whole bottle of pills," the American Idol champ and Fantasia For Real star told VH1 in a Saturday interview that will air in a Behind The Music: Fantasia special on Tuesday, August 24 at 9PM ET/PT.

"I was tired of people doing me wrong, constantly over and over and over again, dealing with my family, dealing with my father, dealing with men and their bullsh-t," she said. "I was tired.  My head was hurting me, and I was over it.  So yeah, I knew exactly what I was doing."

Barrino was hospitalized on August 9 after she overdosed on aspirin and sleep medication at her Charlotte, NC home.  According to her manager Brian Dickens, she had been "overwhelmed" by reports that she is allegedly a "home wrecker" responsible for the break-up of the marriage of Antwaun Cook, a North Carolina man she had been dating since late last summer.

Barrino was accused of having an affair and making sex tapes with Cook in a August 4 court complaint filed by Cook's estranged wife. The complaint requests a North Carolina court give Cook's wife custody of their 2-year-old and 6-year-old boys and require Cook to pay child support, post-separation support, alimony, and his wife's legal fees, as well as ensure an equitable distribution of their property.

While the case doesn't involve Barrino directly, it is reportedly a potential first step in a lawsuit that could cost her millions since North Carolina is one of seven states in which a "home wrecker" can be sued for breaking up a marriage. Earlier this year, a North Carolina jury awarded a woman $9 million in a case brought under the state's "alienation of affection" law.

However Barrino claims she wasn't aware that Cook was still with his wife while she was dating him.

"Fantasia and Mr. Cook dated on and off for about eleven months," Dickens said earlier this month.  "She believed him when he told her he and Mrs. Cook separated in the late summer of 2009."