Michaela Bradshaw played an aggressive, intense and very vocal Survivor game, and looking back, she wishes she had handled a couple of situations differently.

"I [was] talking too much. I should've kept my mouth shut," Michaela told Reality TV World during an exclusive interview on Thursday.

Michaela was eliminated from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X during Wednesday night's episode after her alliance of millennials in the Ikabula tribe turned on her once Justin "Jay" Starrett realized she was dangerous due to her intelligence and athleticism.

While Jay's move to take his trustworthy ally out seemed to come out of left field, Michaela admitted that she gave him a couple of reasons to target her.

"You've got to think about where we were in the game at that time and what had happened. Basically, Ikabula was set up to lose just about every challenge, and at the last minute, I pull it out at the end, right? So, you don't want a come-from-behind person going into the merge," Michaela explained.

"You don't want a person that can strategically lay out plans going to the merge. You don't want a person that, you know... during that challenge when [Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa] got voted off, I had told [Adam Klein] to vote Figgy during the challenge."

Michaela was therefore the head of the snake when it came to Adam's decision to turn on Figgy and Taylor Stocker and side with the Gen Xers on the Takali tribe in last week's episode.

"I turned around to [Adam] and was mouthing, 'Vote Figgy,' and I admitted that when we came back to Ikabula. So they didn't show it, but everybody on Ikabula knew that I told Adam to vote Figgy, and I was hoping that he voted Figgy," Michaela said.

"So, when that happened and he voted Figgy, you don't want a person that is influencing other people to get rid of your alliance in the game. So, yes, it made sense to vote a Gen Xer, but I was the only other person that it would make sense -- for at least [Will Wahl] and Jay --  to vote out, if they were going to turn on the millennials."

Jay was aligned with Figgy, Taylor and Michelle Schubert at the beginning of the game when the millennials were on the same tribe, so Michaela confessed her second mistake had to do with that.

While Michaela told Reality TV World she did not think Jay voted for her as "a form of revenge" for pushing the Figgy vote, she revealed, "I think that it was because Michelle was going to be my first target after the merge. I made the mistake of revealing that."

Michaela elaborated, "So if Jay has a solid five, and I took out -- well, Adam took out one of them, but I was 100% down for it -- and now, going into the merge, the first person I'm talking about getting rid of is Michelle."

"No. 1, I'm talking too much. I should've kept my mouth shut. But No. 2, that's not good for Jay," she said.
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Michaela also noted it was clear Taylor was "never" going to work with her.

"You don't ever see him even having a conversation with me in the whole first seven episodes," the castaway said of Taylor. "So, I just think for Jay, if I'm coming after the people you want to go to the end with, of course you want to get rid of me."

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