Malcolm Freberg, a 25-year-old bartender from Hermosa Beach, CA, was voted out of his Enil Edam tribe during Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites' eleventh episode Wednesday night.

Malcolm was voted out of his tribe at the CBS reality series' 26th edition's eleventh Tribal Council, the fourth time the new Enil Edam tribe had an elimination vote.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Malcolm talked about his Survivor experience. Below is the concluding portion of his interview. Click here to read the first half. 

Reality TV World: John Cochran seemed a little surprised and unclear why Erik Reichenbach voted for Phillip Sheppard last week, but it seemed pretty obvious he did it to eliminate the possibility that, if Edward "Eddie" Fox or yourself didn't play your hidden Immunity Idols [and there was a 3-3 tie], Phillip might survive a re-vote. What was your thinking about that, and did you ever talk to Erik about it at all?

Malcolm Freberg: We never talked strategy with Erik. (Laughs) I have no idea what's going on inside that kid's head. He had people pointing at the flag for whom to vote for. He just wanted to be told 10 minutes before we went to Tribal what to do.

And if that's a strategy, go get'em tiger. I could totally see the under-the-radar naive kid out there, but I have no idea what Erik's thinking. I could not comment on what goes on in Erik Reichenbach's head. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: Were you surprised Eddie voted for you instead of Andrea Boehlke on the re-vote, and do you think that was just strategic or an indication that their flirting wasn't just all gameplay and he might actually have some real feelings for her? What do you think about all that?

Malcolm Freberg: I think it was a quick decision on his part and I don't blame him for it at all. I mean, we all knew that I was toast if it went to a re-vote because they would be trying to get rid of the idol if I had it. So it really made no difference.

But I think he was just trying to protect himself in like some scenario that had popped up in his head, like, "Just in case me and Malcolm tie again, well then I can break it and give it to Malcolm." I don't think it was like a well-thought-out [plan] or something like malicious towards me or something he thought out like a long time ahead of time. I think he was just trying to protect himself.

Reality TV World: How had you seen the rest of the season playing out if you guys had succeeded in voting Andrea out of the game and adding Sherri Biethman or Erik to your alliance -- like what order would you have voted everyone else off and who were you hoping to go to the end of the game with?

Malcolm Freberg: If we pulled that off, then we'd have Sherri onboard for sure, and probably, I mean, it's still not clear-cut. Because now it would've been four-four, which probably played a factor in her not flipping. It wasn't a sure thing. But it was always kind of the controlling forces like in the main alliance -- Andrea, [Dawn Meehan], Cochran, and Phillip -- to some extent.

And so, we would've kept going after the people in charge and trying to sway the rest to our cause. But in the end, if I had gotten to the end, at that point having lost [Corinne Kaplan] and Snowy [Michael Snow], the only people I could actually trust out there would probably be the two other guys and it would create a very odd scenario with the vote probably being split up a lot between us. But I probably would've just ended up there with the guys.

Reality TV World: So you think you actually would've gone to the end with Eddie and Reynold Toepfer -- to the final jury vote?
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Malcolm Freberg: I've been thinking about it today. I think I would have. We weren't thinking about this at all while we were out there. We were just trying to survive one more vote, one more vote, one more vote.

But yeah, I think I would've gone with it and it could've been a big split-up thing. But with so many "Favorites" who would've been on the jury in that scenario, it probably could've gone in my favor, plus, I would've gotten the strategic credit for whatever was going on.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Phillip last week, he was very critical of the fact that he felt you wasted two idols to get him out of the game and suggested it was probably because you felt he was a huge threat and would have won the jury vote if he had actually made it to the end. What's your response to that? Why did you choose to play all the idols at once?

Malcolm Freberg: (Laughs) Phillip. Yeah. We got rid of Phillip because he was -- Phillip was never winning, but Phillip was in everyone's endgame plan. He's the perfect guy to take to the end of the game.

So the best way, we thought, to disrupt the best-laid plans of "Stealth R Us" nonsense, was to get rid of the guy who's glue-holding this whole cockameme thing together. He was never going to win the game, but as far as the two idols thing goes, the plan was not to play the idols. That was like worst-case scenario.

Erik, again, calling it out and making sure that everyone voted for me and Eddie still, I was hoping to get away with not playing either of the idols. So I mean, he's right there. I didn't want to waste two idols to get him out, but I did want to get him out to shakeup the game.

Reality TV World: When did Eddie find out about your second hidden Immunity Idol you ended up giving him? Was it right there at Tribal Council when he learned of it or did you tell him ahead of time?

Malcolm Freberg: I told ahead of time. But he was super nervous, I think, that I wasn't actually going to give it to him that I was like -- I don't know why -- but that I was like toying with his emotions, so I actually did. And you see his face light up. (Laughs)

It was a really funny moment. But he knew going into it. I found that second idol maybe 45 minutes before that Tribal when Phillip went home. So we had to put this scheme together really quickly, but he knew.

Reality TV World: Phillip also took the fact that everyone but Erik followed through with the orginal plan to split their votes between Eddie and yourself was evidence that he really was the leader and rejected the school of thought that everyone might have just followed along because their was no personal downside since Phillip would be the one going home if it didn't work. What are your thoughts on that -- did you ever talk with the rest of the castaways about that when you guys got back to camp?

Malcolm Freberg: So what happened there, the idea was to get everyone to vote for Phillip, create enough smoke and mirrors and enough theatrics to keep everyone from realizing that that was exactly what we were trying to avoid. And then Erik is the one who called it out, "We still have to vote for them guys." And there was a very long discussion at Tribal.

I mean, most Tribals go much -- obviously Tribals go in longevity, but that Tribal took forever, because obviously there was so much chaos. There was no way they could show all of what happened, but that Tribal went forever.

And they discussed at length whether or not they should keep their votes. Somebody like couldn't understand and everyone was trying to explain it to them. So they made it look like Phillip took this big, honorable stance. But really, it had been discussed for like a half hour in front of them that they all needed to still vote for me and Eddie.

Reality TV World: You filmed your two Survivor seasons back to back, so no one knew anything about you when you were out there the second time.  Do you think that was an advantage or disadvantage, and how so?

Malcolm Freberg: Yeah, there's pros and cons. But for the most part, it was a negative and it kind of led to a lot of the decisions I made. I managed to get into the majority very early, but at the same time, I was never a core member of that majority. Nobody really knew what to do with me.

I was trying to be this likable guy on the beach just hanging out, but I knew that I was going to flip to whatever "Fans" were left and try to pull one or a couple other people like Corinne very early in the game just because there was no way that the "Favorites" would take somebody -- or the "Stealth R Us" or whatever -- would take somebody they didn't know to the end and use them as a core member of their alliance.

Reality TV World: I promised some girls I know I'd ask you about your "I'm an accomplished liar when it comes to women" quote and give you a chance to explain yourself. (Laughs)

Malcolm Freberg: Yes, remember when I said I don't remember saying the thing about the idol last night when I said I wouldn't play it? I don't remember saying that either.

At first I thought my mom would be furious with me, but even she was like, "Clearly you didn't mean it in a mean-hearted way." I was probably just trying to tell a joke and it came off as not the most tasteful thing. But I do apologize. That was not my highest of highs on the show.

Reality TV World: I read that you were approached about coming back for this season pretty much immediately after you were voted off of your first season. What was your initial reaction when they asked you? Did you hesitate at all?

Malcolm Freberg: I think I said, "Yes," before they finished asking. Because they asked so quickly right after I got kicked off 24 hours before being a millionaire. I was so heated that I was like, "I want to play again, yes! Right now! I was so close. We gotta do it again; We gotta do it again. We gotta do it again!" So I said, "Yes" with no hesitation.

Above is the concluding portion of Malcolm's exclusive interview with Reality TV World. Click here to read the first half. 
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