Casey Turner thought things were just according to plan when Jessie Godderz, the season's third Head of Household, didn't nominate Ronnie Talbott, the duplicitous houseguest who had spent Big Brother 11's first two weeks playing both sides of the house against each other, for eviction at competition's third eviction nomination ceremony.

However shortly thereafter, he discovered that Jessie had decided to ignore the house's plan to "backdoor" Ronnie and nominate Casey as the week's replacement nominee instead -- resulting in the 41-year-old fifth-grade teacher and DJ from Lakeland, FL being voted out of Big Brother on Thursday night's live eviction broadcast.

On Friday, Casey talked to Reality TV World about why Russell Kairouz was the only houseguest who didn't vote for his eviction, what he thinks Russell will do next, why he believes the other houseguests weren't more outraged about Jessie's decision, what he thinks about Natalie Martinez's decision to tell the other houseguests she's only 18 years old, and whether he thinks Jessie's alliance will last.

Reality TV World: What happened with Russell casting his vote to keep you?  Was that just a sympathy vote or was that part of some kind of plan?

Casey: Three things: No. 1, sympathy vote; No. 2 he might be the only man of his word in that house playing besides me and Jeff; and No. 3 I gave him a pair of shorts. 

You're allowed to leave something in the house for them to remember you by and I stuffed it down his drawer but I know that he saw the shorts down there before the vote.  So had I known that man I would have opened my suitcase in the house and maybe I would still be in there.

Reality TV World: I don't understand, what part did the shorts play?

Casey: I gave him a gift and maybe he was thanking me him for giving him a gift.

Reality TV World: So you basically bought a vote with a pair of shorts?

Casey: Oh, don't throw me under the bus.  You know what, like I said, had I known it was that easy or that's all it took I'd have walked around in my underwear for the next three weeks so I guess maybe I bought a vote.  I don't know, like I said I think it was a combination of sympathy, loyalty and the shorts.

Reality TV World: Well I'm asking because last night's HoH competition apparently featured Russell telling Jeff those shorts were some type of sign that he could be trusted or something.

Casey: Well then he's using that to his advantage.  I didn't necessarily give them as any kind of sign.  I liked Russell, we're allowed to leave something in the house to remember us by [and] he works out a lot in the same pair of shorts so I thought I'd break him off some Florida Gator shorts so he could remember his boy from the East Coast.

You know, I don't know if he can be trusted.  I think probably, it's funny that he said that though.  I think that he will stick to that.  I've heard that he made a deal with Jeff not to [nominate] him and Jordan  I think Russell probably has targets who are in line ahead of Jeff and Jordan so it should be -- should be -- a pretty easy promise for him to keep.

Reality TV World: As part of their deal, I guess he also promised to put Ronnie up.  Do you think he'll follow through with that too?

Casey: I don't know about that one.  He has played both sides.  You know, Russell over the course of the last week has played lots of different sides.  I know he was faking yelling at Ronnie and I began to get wind of that by my own deduction and other people telling me that as well, that they'd seen them go into the storage room and have secret meetings.  So I don't know if he'll stick to that.  I'd say that's 50/50 at best.

Reality TV World: During his goodbye message to you, Russell claimed that he really liked your idea of turning on Jessie and his group but he couldn't find enough votes to keep you.  Do you believe that?

Casey: I do believe that.  Jessie has made himself a target.  You know he can think he's this big, nice, likeable guy but he's been real arrogant, and I know he felt that arrogance was justified by his win at the HoH competition -- look bro, you won it one week.  

I was surprised that there wasn't more backlash against him for not sticking with the plan once I was locked in as the nominee.  You know what I'm saying?  He couldn't put nobody else up [at that point].  Tuesday night after naming his replacement nominee, he's powerless after that, you know.  In fact, he don't got no power for a week.  So I was surprised that he didn't get more backlash.

I think there are people in the house who feel like I do about his arrogance and about him -- the way he has handled his business -- Jeff and Jordan probably being tops on that list.  You know Ronnie will do anything to be Ronnie.  I don't know that Lydia and Kevin would vote against him.  You know it will depend on who he puts up and who he puts them up against. 

That hurt me this week, you know?  Being up against America's Sweetheart man, was not the easiest thing to do man. 

Jordan's the girl next door.  It'd have been a lot easier being against [someone else] -- anybody in the house but Jordan would have been easier to be up against because everybody else in the house has some blood on their hands and some sins they've committed.

Reality TV World: How close do you think you came to finding those votes you needed to stay?  I know Kevin claimed himself and Lydia would have voted for you.

Casey: I think the most I could have gotten was four [votes].  And I knew at four Jesse would go ahead and vote me out [as the tiebreaker].  So my exit speech had a couple of purposes.  One was to kind of enlighten the houseguests.  You know I kind of called on their manhood and their womanhood and their egos and put that to the test, you know.

And whether they vote me out or not, they really need to think and say, well, it's kind of my gift, my exit gift, to the houseguests, you know.  Think about whether you're being a sheep or you're making your own decisions. 

That's one purpose.  The second purpose was to bash Ronnie and Jessie.  They did me wrong man.  You know they can sit and say that I made it personal, whatever, whatever, but it's personal to me because I'm walking out the door.  In a banana suit no less.

But those are the opinions I have.  I think Ronnie's manipulative, I think he's a dork.  I think Jessie doesn't have the best personality in the world and I don't think he's real smart. 

I'm allowed to say what I want as long as I don't curse.

Reality TV World: Who did you think the four votes you would have had were?

Casey: I think I could have got Lydia, Kevin, Russell and maybe Michelle.  Now Michelle's kind of wishy-washy but I think maybe if I had convinced her enough. 

But she, you know she had forgiven Ronnie for what Ronnie did to her.  I mean Ronnie dragged her through the mud just the week before and I was so surprised she wasn't more angry about it.

Reality TV World: You wrote off Chima?

Casey: Chima is down with Natalie.  And you know I could have got the votes man but I just, my manhood was a -- you know I had a little voice on my shoulder man, saying "Dude you're a man, dude you're a man." 

I considered going to those folks and throwing myself on the mercy of the house and "Please Jessie, please Jessie, I'll do whatever you want.  Please Natalie, please Chima, I'll do whatever you want."  But that's just not me man, I would have liked to have done better in the game but my ego got the best of me I guess man.  I'll admit that it did.

Reality TV World: After you got nominated, you had the conversation with Russell where you told him he had to understand he was 'No. 4' in Jessie's alliance.  He really seemed shocked to hear that and told you he was 'No. 2' ahead of Natalie and Ronnie.  Do you think that was really an eye-opener for him?

Casey: I think it was and actually on the way on the door I meant to say to him -- you know sitting there on live TV bro, there's a lot going through your head man, and I was honestly sitting there through the first 30 minutes of the show repeating my speech over and over again in my head and I still didn't get it exactly how I wanted, but I think I hit the major points.

But I actually wanted to tell him on the way out the door that "Hey man, by the way" -- and say it in front of everybody so it is out there and put in the air -- "Hey man, Jessie and Natalie are coming for you and they want to backdoor you, just so you know."  You know, I thought he needed to know.

Russell is an alpha male.  You know Russell breaks people's heads for a living man, at one of his jobs.  So I do think it was a shock to him.  I hope and I think he's smart enough to re-evaluate that situation but it wasn't any surprise to me.

Like I said I think he will have probably, by now, re-evaluated his standing with that team.

Reality TV World: How would you describe the Jessie/Russell relationship?

Casey:  That's a tough one to call.  They've got the whole workout thing in common. I honestly think Jessie is using Russell for votes, he's one of the "pets," to use Jeff's term I think, or to use Kevin's term -- I can't remember who said it.

But Russell is one of Jessie's "pets" that he's gathering to form his army -- you know, "The Jesse Adulation Team."  I think Russell is envious of Jessie.  You know Jessie has won, he's getting all the attention. 

You know maybe this week Russell will get some of that attention and being the top dog will change some of that, he may feel better about his situation in the house. 

But he was beginning to really get bitter.  You know he didn't like seeing all the attention showered on Jessie and I could see that it was bothering him as a man and so it would have eventually come to a head and it may come to a head this week.

Reality TV World: How about the Jessie/Natalie and Jessie/Lydia relationships?

Casey: I think that's going to bite Jessie in the butt man.  I think eventually Lydia, who is a hothead, is going to eventually burst. 

I think it's going to cost Jessie in the end.  I think that he may have got some votes out of Lydia these first couple of weeks but I think eventually she will be the scorned woman, the woman who doesn't get to have Jessie. 

And I think that she will retaliate eventually and it will not have been worth Jessie's first couple of weeks of having her to have her be vindictive later on.

Reality TV World: Were you surprised how openly attached Natalie has been to Jessie?

Casey: I'll tell you brother, had I known she was 24 I would have discussed that on live TV last night.  Out of respect for an 18 year old girl it would have been perceived as bullying, you know had I said something last night. 

But part of my speech I purposely left out was "These are your leaders: Ronnie the 'dorkapotamus,' Jessie the egomaniac and Natalie.  Natalie, I just want you to know I'll try and leave you out of this, but let's just say I pity your poor boyfriend having to watch you lay in bed with another man 16 hours a day."

You know, it's just dirty to me.

Reality TV World: What's your thought on her "pretending she's 18" thing? Do you think it's caused people to underestimate her more than they might have otherwise?

Casey: I do, I think it's a real wise move, now that I know that about her.  Like I said, I laid off her because I thought she was 18.  Any of us going at her, it's going to look like you're picking on the 18 year old. 

Now she's a little pit bull, she's got a loud mouth and we call her Little Scrappy-Doo man -- but that being said, in the back of your mind, in your subconscious, you're thinking she's an 18 year old girl. 

Now the fact that she's [actually] 24 makes her a little more worldly, you know?  She's probably understanding better than we gave her credit for. 

That being said all of us were surprised she was 18 and even joked about it several times.  You know I don't know what gets shown in there and what aired but several times people would be like "Oh yeah, what else is a twist?  Oh yeah, Natalie is actually 26."  I mean somebody said that yesterday or the day before yesterday so I don't know how long she can keep that up. 

I know she got real quiet the day before yesterday when I started asking about, you know, her going to school.  You know, she's supposed to be going off to ASU, and I was asking about scholarships and if she's going to take out loans and she got real quiet and didn't elaborate too much and now that explains all that.

Reality TV World: So you think people are starting to get suspicious then?

Casey: I think they are.  I would say yes.

Reality TV World: Your downfall seemed to come down to the fact that you kind of seemed to be a little too trusting in the game.  Why do you think you were so trusting? I mean you knew you were going into Big Brother.

Casey: You know I knew that was going to be tough for me going in.  I am a trusting guy, I'm loyal to a fault as you can see.  I like to give me fellow man the benefit of the doubt.  You know I knew I was going into the Big Brother house.  I was naive to think that I could go in and just make friends and be nice to people and that'd be enough when really it's not, you know, people stab you in the back.

I went off on Jessie and Ronnie because I thought they were particularly dirty.  You know you can win the game with relationships and a little bit of conniving and winning competitions and having some luck. 

[But] to look a man in the eye, shake his hand, give him your word -- you know "I give you my word, I give you my word," you know "You have my word, [with] eye-to-eye contract man -- you know, I was just a bad judge.  And here I sit because of it.

Reality TV World: You seemed to initially be a little suspicious, right after Jessie won the HoH, that he was going to follow through with plan to put Ronnie up.  You had that conversation where you told Natalie in the backyard that it was in his best interests [to nominate Ronnie], [that] it wasn't worth making at lot of enemies by not doing it and everything.  What happened after that, because you were suspicious initially but it seemed like you kind of lost that suspicion after that?

Casey: And it burned me, didn't it?  (laughs)

That's what I thought though, that very same conversation is what I thought.  At the time I was under the impression that the house was still upset.  I've said it before, everything is speeded up in that house.  The healing process is speeded up.

You know you get into a fight with somebody at work and it takes two weeks for it to work itself out, that's 80 hours, 40 hours a week.  Well we do 80 hours in three days.  You know we do 72 hours in three days, so everything is speeded up in there.

I was just surprised there wasn't more outrage.  But it's one of those things where nobody cares as long as it ain't you.  "As long as you're not coming after me I'll do whatever."

And that bugged me.  Again, that gets at my sense of right and wrong.  You know this dude did a bunch of people really wrong.  I was really surprised there wasn't more -- I guess I can say I was, but then people being who they are, they did what their characters say about them.

Reality TV World: What do you think about the big "Coup D'etat" twist that's coming up?

Casey: I think that's a game-changer.  That's the kryptonite man, you know?  HoH is the Superman in the house, at least the first three weeks. 

Everybody kind of does what [the HoH] wants to do.  They eat when that person wants to eat.  They fold their laundry.  They rub their feet.  They put suntan lotion on them and all that -- talk about whatever dumb topic they want to talk about.

But I think that's going to change it all.  I think that's the power to -- it's really an overthrow, which I believe is what "Coup D'etat" means.  It's the revolution.  It makes the HoH obviously not near as powerful.

Reality TV World: Who do you think viewers are going to give it to?

Casey: I don't know, Jeff maybe.  Boy, I hope not Ronnie.  I don't know, you know I haven't been online or got a lot of feedback about Ronnie [yet] so I don't know whether people are respecting this dude or what.  Kevin maybe? Jordan maybe?  One of those two.

Reality TV World: Jeff and Jordan -- they really haven't seemed like the strongest players so far, Kevin as well.  If they get it do you think they'll actually use it and go after Jessie and his group?

Casey: I don't -- I mean I think Jeff would go after Jessie.  Now that they're not teamed up into cliques, it will obviously be dictated by who Russell puts up.  That will dictate what happens.