Dilana Robichaux may have finished as a runner-up while competing on Rock Star: Supernova, but she's making sure her fans across the globe can still have access to her music.

The 34-year-old South African singer and songwriter has signed a "worldwide, long term, co-publishing agreement" with Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc. and is currently in a Los Angeles studio working with Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars on material for an upcoming album.

"I am ecstatic about being adopted by Cherry Lane," said Robichaux.  "I believe their vision for my career and success in this tough business mirrors my own. They love me and believe in me - that's always a perfect recipe for inspiration! My future looks bright with my new family!"

Rock Star: Supernova fans immediately took a liking to Robichaux when the CBS reality competition series premiered last June, as her multi-colored hair and vocal abilities helped her stand-out and become the only female featured during the show's finale.  While ex-Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bass player Jason Newsted and ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke chose Lukas Rossi to front their new band Rock Star: Supernova, Robichaux didn't go away empty handed -- she was invited to perform with the house band on the new group's upcoming world tour, which she did before opening for Aerosmith in Las Vegas this past April.

"Anyone who has heard Dilana sing knows she is a rock star in the purest sense," said Richard Stumpf, Cherry Lane's senior vice president of Creative Services and Marketing.  "She blew the doors off of the CBS Rock Star: Supernova competition and was the star of the subsequent tour. In our efforts to sign the best of the best, Dilana is right at home in the Cherry Lane family. We are currently working with Dilana on her album and can't wait for her fans to listen to the amazing music she is creating."

Robichaux's upcoming album will be released on her newly created Rusty Harp record label, with Cherry Lane handling a portion of its copyrights for use in both America and abroad, the website CMJ.com recently reported.

"Cherry Lane has been an utter joy to work with," said Robichaux's manager Jimmy Stewart.  "They are great people with an excellent understanding of today’s publishing world. The care and attention they've shown to Dilana has been quite astounding by traditional industry standards!"