Erich Schwer is the only bachelor left out of Gabby Windey's pool of men on The Bachelorette, and fans are soon going to find out the current status of their relationship.

Erich is a 29-year-old real estate analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey, who currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

On The Bachelorette, Gabby eliminated Jason Alabaster and Johnny DePhillipo during Fantasy Suites because the men admitted they weren't ready to propose marriage to her. Gabby therefore picked Erich as her winner, and the couple expressed their love and devotion to each other.


But The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer recently teased to E! News that Erich and Gabby are "not at the finish line yet," and previews show more drama is coming.

On Part 1 of The Bachelorette finale, Gabby wanted a straight answer from Erich as to whether he felt ready to get engaged at the end of the process.

"I just want to date you. Getting engaged before that happens is not how things usually go," Erich told The Bachelorette star, which resulted in Gabby sobbing and feeling totally "unlovable."

Gabby had wanted to leave The Bachelorette with an engagement, so she wasn't sure how to proceed or if she and Erich simply weren't meant to be.

Will Gabby continue dating Erich and leave the show with just a boyfriend, or will the pair split up?

Until viewers find out what happens between Erich and Gabby on The Bachelorette's Season 19 finale on Tuesday, September 20, let's learn some information about this suitor right now.

Below is a list of seven facts Reality TV World has compiled about Erich Schwer.

Erich works as an acquisitions analyst at Rexford Industrial Realty

Erich began working his current job as an acquisitions analyst in November 2021.

Before landing a job at Rexford Industrial, he also worked for a commercial real estate company called Sky Management Services for nearly three years in their renewable energy acquisitions department.

Erich also previously held a job as a business development manager for Locus Energy from 2017-2018.

The Bachelorette bachelor spent one of his college years in Massachusetts

Erich studied Economics his Freshman year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst before transferring to Elon University in 2012.

Erich went on to receive his Bachelor's Degree, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a concentration in professional sales, in 2015.

While in school, Erich was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity as well as the Advertisement Club.

Erich's beloved dad passed away after a three-year battle with cancer

Erich's dad, Allan Schwer, died at age 65 on July 6, 2022 after a tough battle with an advanced and terminal cancer.

Allan's cancer battle began with appendiceal cancer, a type of cancer that grows from cells that make up the appendix. Allan was once in remission, but his cancer returned aggressively and then he endured three intensive rounds of chemotherapy, the last of which "almost killed" him, according to Erich's father on The Bachelorette's latest episode.

Allan had spent 40 days in the ICU following multiple operations before Erich's hometown date with Gabby in New Jersey filmed.


Shortly after Erich's hometown date with Gabby aired on The Bachelorette, Erich posted a touching tribute to his late father.

Erich posted a photo featuring a throwback picture of Allan holding his son as a baby as well as Allan's memorial card and gold wedding band.

Erich captioned his post with a simple red-heart emoji.

Gabby's co-The Bachelorette lead Rachel Recchia commented on Erich's post, "Thank you for sharing this moment with us all, sending your family love."

Erich also received messages of love and support from The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer, fellow Season 19 bachelors James "Meatball" Clarke and Logan Palmer, and many other members of Bachelor Nation.

Erich says he finds joy in making someone feel special and doing the unexpected

Erich claims he's looking for the real deal when it comes to relationships.

The next time Erich commits to a woman, it's for the long haul -- and he doesn't want to be in a relationship just to be in a relationship.

Erich's perfect partner is easygoing, selfless and communicative, and he's typically attracted to taller women.

Erich is passionate about an organization called CHAMPS

CHAMPS stands for Coaching Health and Mentoring Positive Students.

Erich became a part of the program in 2014, and it's something he believes in.

CHAMPS addresses behaviors contributing to obesity in children in Alamance County, NC, by building self-confidence in young boys through instruction in sport skills, education on healthy eating habits, and promoting positive attitudes through mentoring relationships with male students at Elon University.

An offensive photo of Erich in blackface has resurfaced online

A yearbook photo of Erich in blackface recently resurfaced on social media, and Zach took to Instagram on September 8 to apologize.

"I wholeheartedly apologize for the insensitive photo of me in Blackface from my high school yearbook that has been circulating," Erich captioned a "Black Lives Matter" black square on Instagram.


"What I thought at the time was a representation of my love for Jimi Hendrix, was nothing but ignorance. I was naive to the hurtful implications of my actions to the Black community and those closest to me, and will forever regret my offensive and damaging behavior."

Erich concluded, "I am deeply ashamed by my actions and understand that my apology is only the first step in taking accountability."

Erich allegedly planned to reunite with girl back home after filming The Bachelorette

Erich allegedly planned to reunite with an ex, Amanda Kaylor, after returning home from the show and only did The Bachelorette for "clout" and a career boost.

According to Amanda, Erich didn't have good intentions going into The Bachelorette and had tried to convince her to put their relationship on pause so he could go on the show to boost his career opportunities and then resume dating when he got back home from filming the show.

Amanda -- who told Erich she wasn't onboard with his plan -- issued a lengthy statement about the rise and fall of her romance with Erich to the @bachelornation.scoop Instagram account in mid-September, and she also shared some additional details in a subsequent conversation with Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

A single mom to a toddler, Amanda claimed she met Erich on the Hinge dating app in January and the pair quickly became inseparable until she broke up with Erich in mid-March after he revealed his shocking plan to put their relationship on hold while he competed on The Bachelorette.

Erich was reportedly living in Santa Monica, CA, when he began dating Amanda.

The blonde beauty, who now has over 4,000 Instagram followers, began her statement by saying she felt it was necessary to just "shine light" on Erich's "true character."

She wrote how they had a whirlwind romance with countless sleepovers and she was convinced Erich was her person.

Amanda said Erich, who had allegedly lost his job, texted her on March 10 to reveal he'd been offered a spot on The Bachelorette, which "shook" her because they had been dating and Erich also spent a lot of time with her son.

"He insisted that it was all acting and it would be as if he was just going out of town for a few weeks. He wanted a fresh start and a new career path because he was unhappy with his," Amanda claimed.

Amanda allegedly told Erich his stint on a reality dating show wouldn't be okay with her, which he understood, and then on March 22, she said Erich sent her two dozen roses with a note that read, "I'll never stop thinking about you."

Amanda said Erich wanted to see her and so she agreed to meet with Erich in Los Angeles -- but then he allegedly took off to film The Bachelorette, which left her mourning and trying to get over the relationship.

"I received a text from him (July 10th) as the show began to air, telling me how terrible what he did to me was and how sorry he was -- that he thinks about me all the time and won't ever forgive himself... I saw this as [a] sad attempt to save himself from anything to harm his newfound fame and reputation," Amanda wrote.

"I don't believe Erich had any good intentions going on this show, and I don't believe anything [has] changed."

Amanda's statement concluded, "He wanted the clout and he got it. I just hope he doesn't continue to hurt anyone on this new path he is on."

According to Carbone, Amanda told the spoiler blogger that she and Erich had spent every single day in March together until the last time they saw each other, which she believes was March 12. That day, Amanda reportedly told Erich that their relationship was over because she wasn't okay with him appearing on The Bachelorette.

Not only did Amanda send @bachelornation.scoop numerous pictures she and Erich had taken with each other, but she also sent alleged half of dozen screenshots of her text messages with Gabby's final bachelor that corroborate her story.

Erich allegedly texted Amanda about the show, "It isn't real, but you're right. I am sorry, I really didn't think this all through... I thought we could get on the same page about this. I really didn't mean for this to hurt you."

Erich also wrote, allegedly, how he couldn't be the best partner for Amanda until he figures out who he is.

"Not that this is the answer, but I need a change," Erich allegedly wrote. "I'm stuck in my career path and I'm miserable with it. I don't want this to be the rest of my life."

And then on March 12, Erich allegedly wrote to Amanda, "Maybe I am a piece of sh-t [and am] making a mistake... I hope you can forgive me some day."

Fast forwarding to March 22, Erich allegedly contacted Amanda again saying he was sad and couldn't stop thinking about her.

After Amanda asked why Erich was doing this to her, he allegedly replied, "I made a rash decision that was beyond selfish... Can we talk when I am back in L.A.? I needed to go home for a little to be with my parents."

Amanda apparently agreed to meet with Erich in a March 23 text, but the text turned green and Erich didn't appear to respond.

And then on July 10, Erich touched base with Amanda seemingly out of nowhere.

According to the screenshot of the texts, Erich typed, "I am so sorry Amanda. What I did was terrible. I don't expect you to ever forgive me. I just want you to know I think about you all the time and you really deserve the best."

Erich allegedly added, "I won't ever forgive myself. I hope you find happiness and everything you deserve."


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