Duck Dynasty will return on A&E tonight with a new episode for the first time since its recent controversies.

Duck Dynasty's fifth-season premiere will air on Wednesday night with back-to-back episodes at 10PM and 10:30PM ET/PT.

The new season will feature Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and the rest of his kin, along with a new character named Rebecca. Rebecca is Willie and Korie's foster daughter who will return from college in Los Angeles and adjust to life in Monroe, Louisiana. Willie, one of Phil's sons, will also look to expand his business by finding an assistant.

Tonight marks the first episode on A&E since multiple controversies have surfaced involving Phil, a 67-year-old bearded reality TV star and devout Christian.

A&E had suspended Phil indefinitely from Duck Dynasty last month -- although the network lifted the suspension after only about one week most likely because Phil's family had threatened to quit the show -- for making offensive anti-gay comments during an interview with GQ magazine.

Robertson had told GQ he feels what's right and wrong has become blurred in society and homosexuality is on the same level as terrorism, alcoholism and bestiality. He said he "never, ever" passes judgement on such people but God will eventually sort out the "homosexuals, drunks and terrorists."

Freshly off the heels of A&E reinstating his role on Duck Dynasty, Phil also made headlines for advocating underage marriage during a 2009 speech to Sportsmen's Ministry. He said it's best to marry a girl at the age of 15 or 16 who can cook and "pick ducks," according to Slate magazine.

Duck Dynasty is produced by Gurney Productions and executive produced by Deirdre Gurney, Scott Gurney and Lily Neumeyer.