DeMario Jackson joined the Season 4 cast of Bachelor in Paradise, which premieres August 14 on ABC, after competing for Rachel Lindsay's heart on The Bachelorette

Rachel kicked DeMario, a 30-year-old from Century City, CA, to the curb on The Bachelorette after a woman in his life showed up on a group date claiming to be his girlfriend at the time. DeMario then entered Paradise with the reputation of being a cocky villain.

DeMario got pretty wild in Paradise when he hooked up with Corinne Olympios in the pool -- a drunken sexual encounter of which Corinne insists she has no memory. Production on Bachelor in Paradise was temporarily shut down in June so Warner Bros. could investigate allegations of misconduct, and DeMario thought his character was being assassinated at the time.

"I was in pain!!!... I remember crying and asking God, 'Why me...why me?' Then my Pop reminded me that God wouldn't put anything on my plate that I couldn't handle. With a little help from family, friends and an amazing team I'm now able to experience the joy of life once again," DeMario wrote on Instagram in July after no evidence of sexual assault was found.

When Season 4 resumed filming, neither DeMario or Corinne returned to the Mexican resort, but fans can expect the pair to conduct sit-down interviews with Chris Harrison during a mid-season special.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about DeMario Jackson:

- Before being hired as a recruiting consultant, DeMario held down a job as the director of special events for Carnival Cruise Line.

- DeMario considers himself a cross between Seth Cohen and Kanye West, as well as the party starter, who's always blowing the whistle and making noise. DeMario admittedly loves attention.

- DeMario once asked out Britney Spears in the parking lot of a Los Angeles supermarket. He referred to himself as an up-and-coming actor and suggested she needs to date a black man. Britney, who was with a boyfriend at the time, laughed off DeMario's comments.

- The 6'4" bachelor's favorite actor is Denzel Washington. DeMario considers Denzel an incredible human, husband, father and mentor.

- DeMario attended California State University, Fresno for one year before transferring to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. He graduated from the Fashion Institute in 2009.