Corinne Olympios will be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season when it premieres this summer on August 14, but not for long.

Corinne, a 24-year-old from Miami, FL, joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise after competing for Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor's 21st season earlier this year, when she became known as a promiscuous villain with hilarious one-liners.

Corinne got pretty wild in Paradise, as TMZ reported she mixed alcohol with prescription drugs on the first day of filming. A drunken sexual encounter with DeMario Jackson -- of which Corinne said she has no memory -- led to a temporary shutdown in production because a producer worried the hookup was not consensual.

However, Warner Bros. conducted an investigation and found no evidence of misconduct or sexual assault. Filming of Season 4 therefore resumed, but neither Corinne or DeMario returned to Mexico. Fans can expect, however, the pair will conduct interviews with Chris Harrison during a mid-season special.

Curious to learn more about the blonde beauty who has been making headlines for months?

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Corinne Olympios:

- Corinne launched a clothing line with Riot Society called Team Corn, which features T-shirts utilizing her famous quotes from The Bachelor such as "OK, but first, cheese pasta," and "I Need a Raquel."

- She owns an adorable Chihuahua named Bean and has a younger brunette sister named Taylor who is also beautiful.

- Corinne admitted she once had a $41,000 credit card bill from just 15 days. When she's stressed out, she tries to make baked goods instead of going shopping and blowing money. 

- The party girl has worked on music videos for artists like Akon, Pitbull and DJ Khaled.

- While Corinne presented herself as a small business owner on The Bachelor, she reportedly works in sales for her parents' Miami-based Armor Garage company, which is a supplier of epoxy floor coatings.