Dean Unglert is one of five suitors The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison feels viewers should definitely watch for.  

Dean, a 26-year-old startup recruiter from Venice, CA, will introduce himself to The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay when Season 13 premieres Monday, May 22 at 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

"Dean is on the younger side for this crew, but he plays older. He's a professional, a recruiter, and a local boy out of Venice, California," Chris told Yahoo! TV. "He is one of the guys Rachel met on [Nick Viall]'s After the Final Rose."

Rachel was surprised on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose when Chris suddenly had crew transform the set to resemble the exterior entrance of the famed Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles.

Rachel then met a handful of her Season 13 suitors, who appeared nervous and confused about the whole ordeal.

"Dean was the one who used the infamous line about being ready to go black and never go back," Chris noted. "It was interesting because this was our first taste of how race will play into this season."

While "once you go black, you never go back" is a pretty famous and comedic phrase, Chris explained that Dean found himself in hot water over it.

"There was a little bit of a backlash against Dean for saying that, but the thing is that Rachel found it funny," Chris explained. "But it weighed on him for the few days between [Nick's] finale and when they met again at the mansion in the driveway."

Rachel, however, apparently comforted Dean when he became anxious over his first impression on national television.

"They talked about it and she reassured him that she thought it was bold and charming," Chris told Yahoo! TV. "She said, 'I thought it was cute. I liked it. And that's the only thing that matters.'"

Chris added, "He was worried, but she quickly put him at ease. They get along very well after that initial moment of concern."

The show's longtime host insisted The Bachelorette cast is filled with "more mature, professional" suitors than seasons past "ready to settle down" with Rachel, who is "a little older" and "established in her career."

Chris called Rachel a "control freak" and said the men vying for her affection are "a strong group" who are "specifically interested in dating" only her.