Deemed as lacking a warm personality that matched her beauty, Christina, a 24-year-old fashion marketing student from Tallahassee, FL, became the tenth girl eliminated from the fourth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's UPN broadcast.

Top Model 4's tenth episode began with host Tyra Banks surprising the girls at their temporary South African home to talk about their experiences in the competition. Keenyah's weight gain was still an issue, and Tyra consoled her that she also struggled with her weight during her early modeling days. Christina admitted that she had been hiding her inner feelings in order to portray confidence, but instead created the "Ice Queen" image the judges had noted. "My mom has always taught me to be strong and confident and it comes across as stern or cold toward the judges. It doesn't show the warm side of me," Christina said.

After receiving tree mail that told them to "step out on the Cape Town," the girls ventured out on their first "go-see" appointments and had the opportunity to sell themselves to top notch photographers, designers and agents. Many of the "go-see" clients seemed to be impressed by the girls' professionalism, but some noted that Christina looked bored and didn't make much of an impact. As the winner of the "go see" challenge, Keenyah got to attend a party at designer Craig Port's house, with Brittany also attending as Keenyah's guest.

The following afternoon, the girls had to trek (or "kloof") through the cold water of a natural stream to get to their remote photo shoot destination. Upon their arrival, Jay Manuel revealed that they would participate in a serene shoot by a waterfall, but would need to create their own wardrobe using things from the environment such as grass, leaves and mud. After the shoot, Christina felt confident that she had met the challenge, but Jay felt that her poses were too technical.

During the elimination ceremony, the girls used everything the judges had taught them about modeling to critique each other's photographs and potential in the competition. Many of the girls felt that although she was beautiful, Christina lacked the potential to become the next America's Next Top Model winner. As the judges deliberated, they agreed that although her pictures are beautiful, Christina's personality kept her from standing out among the rest. "I know there is someone in there that is just soft and warm, but what the judges see from week to week is someone that is cold and is icy," Tyra said to Christina before eliminating her from the competition.