reports that ousted 'American Idol' contestant Christian thinks that judge Simon Cowell's crush on her might have cost her the title of American Idol.

On August 7th's "American Idol," judge Simon Cowell told contestant Christina Christian, "There's something that I'm very, very unhappy about: you have a fiancé?" Christian believes that this obvious show of affection from the show's villain may have turned voters against her, even though several weeks before he had admitted after one of her performances to having a "crush" with no ill voting effects.

Despite being considered on of the contest's top contenders, the next day the show's hosts announced that she had been voted off the show. Christian was not there to say good-bye to her fans, having been taken to the hospital two hours before to be treated for dehydration. "I think it might have hurt me, " Christian told The New York Post. "I was as shocked as everybody else was, but I honestly don't know why," she said of the surprise vote. Over 10-and-a-half million votes were cast among the six finalists, with Christian receiving roughly 900,000 of them.

Judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul said on Monday's edition of NBC's "Today" that Cowell's remarks may have influenced voters. On the night she was sent home, Cowell said that her expulsion from the contest was a bit premature, but only by a couple of weeks since "she was never going to win this competition."