caught up with the cast of 'Real World: Chicago' at last week's filming of the "2002 Teen Choice Awards" and among the tidbits that they shared was that their filmed reactions to Sept. 11 were staged.

When the tragic event was taking place, they were actually at Wrigley Field for a photo shoot. Leave it to Bunim-Murray to hit a new low.

The cast of MTV's "The Real World: Chicago" was on hand to introduce a musical performance from Jennifer Love Hewitt. As Kyle Brandt, Cara Nussbaum, Chris Beckman and Theo Gantt walked the red carpet, it was hard not to notice them gawking at the "American Idol" contestants being swarmed with attention. Perhaps they chose to star in the wrong reality show.

When asked what their advice would be to future "Real World" wannabes, Cara shouted, "Don't do it." Admittedly, she may be bitter. She admits that she can't find an agent who wants to represent her or a film to star in.

Kyle has no such worries; he was recently the lead in an independent film, adding that it won't be appearing on Hollywood marquees. Chris is still modeling in New York, and Theo has showbiz aspirations of his own.