CBS has revealed the identities of the seven women that will appear in Tuesday Night Book Club, a new eight-episode Desperate Housewives-like docu-reality series that will premiere Tuesday, June 13 at 10PM ET/PT.

Part of an unscripted CBS summer programming lineup that will also include Big Brother 7: All-Stars and Rock Star: Supernova, Tuesday Night Book Club will follow the lives of a group of upper middle class women who get together each Tuesday night.

Despite the title, the show won't confine itself to the Scottsdale, Arizona residents' Tuesday night meetings. Instead, similar to Bravo's recently concluded The Real Housewives of Orange County reality series, Tuesday Night Book Club's cameras will chronicle the day-to-day drama encountered as the women attempt to raise their kids, maintain their households, and satisfy their husbands. According to CBS, the women (who all knew each other "directly or indirectly" prior to the show's production) will "discuss everything... from sex to spouses to inner-most conflicts" during their weekly get togethers.

Although cable networks like its former MTV corporate sibling (as a result of Viacom's recent split, the two networks no longer share the same corporate parent) have used the format for years, Tuesday Night Book Club will mark CBS's first foray into the "docu-soap" sub-genre that MTV's Laguna Beach is credited with revitalizing. Book Club is executive produced by Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh and produced by The Jay and Tony Show for Magic Molehill Productions, Inc. Blumenfield and Marsh previously worked on UPN's The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott reality competition, Showtime's Family Business docu-reality show, and ABC's controversial (and never broadcast) Welcome to the Neighborhood reality competition.

The seven women who will appear on Tuesday Night Book Club (along with their CBS-provided profiles) are:

Cris, "The Loyal Wife"

Cris is a 39-year-old television and movie animal trainer and mother of two. Matthew, Cris' husband of 10 years, recently got out of rehab for an addiction problem. Chris loves her husband, thinks he is a good father, and wants to make their marriage work, but she has let him know that if he slips up one more time, it's over. Cris, a native of Oklahoma and Arizona, hopes that Matthew will stay sober so their marriage can survive.

Sara, "The Party Girl"

Sara is a 26-year-old loan manager and aspiring clothing designer. A Scottsdale native, Sara believes in living life to the fullest: relationships, traveling or partying, she likes to keep things exciting. Sara is a firm believer in following her heart and likes to talk about sex, particularly with her girlfriends. She knows she's sexy and is not afraid to show it.

Jenn, "The Trophy Wife"

Jenn is a 38-year-old housewife who is married to a successful businessman and leads a carefree lifestyle that many women would yearn for. Another Scottsdale native, Jennifer thinks her marriage is a perfect 10 and attributes its success to their closeness and ease with each other. An ideal day for Jennifer not only includes working out and shopping, but facials, manicures traveling and socializing with her friends.

Jamie, "The Conflicted Wife"

Jamie is a 25-year-old salon owner and stepmother. Married since she was 19 and feeling that she "never had the chance to sow her wild oats," Jamie is at a crossroads in both her life and marriage. After having had several affairs since she married, Jamie, who is originally from Utah, is "conflicted" about whether or not to stay with her husband or run off with her new beau.

Kirin, "The Doctor's Wife"
Kirin is a 31-year-old former model, housewife, and mother of two who currently spends time as a motivational speaker to young girls in her local area. At first glance, Kirin is the perfect housewife who has everything a girl could want, but upon further review, she is desperate to break out of her day-to-day routine. After putting "her family first" for the better part of her 20's, Kirin is ready to "find herself" in her 30s.

Lynn, "The Newlywed"

Lynn is a 28-year-old self-employed speech-language pathologist. A native of Exton, Pennsylvania, she is a Type A personality. She and her husband, Eddie, have only been married for six months, but when these two argue, things can get heated quickly. Whether it's over money, Eddie’s laziness, or Eddie's poor relationship with Lynn's parents, Lynn is growing tired of the bickering.

Tina, "The Divorced Mom"

Tina is a 46-year-old divorced mother of three who owns and operates her own marketing business. Packing an iron fist in a silk glove, Tina has used a no-nonsense approach to life to mold herself into a self-assured, confident and competitive woman. A former Miss Hawaii USA and karate champion, Tina recently jumped back into the dating game, but she worries that she'll never find a man who will love her for her strengths and support her when she’s vulnerable. Not afraid of being assertive, Tina has no problem telling it like it is.

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