The speculation is finally over, and the rumors turned out to be true. CBS has confirmed that The Amazing Race 4 will air beginning Thursday, May 29, at 8 PM EDT, ending weeks of speculation about its air date. The show wil, at least for the premiere, occupy the time slot that normally belongs to Survivor and, during the summer, has previously belonged to Big Brother. The premiere of The Amazing Race 4 will be a 90-minute special to provide background on all the teams.

Once again, 12 teams of 2 people with pre-existing relationships will set out to circumnavigate the globe and collect the prize of one million dollars, by becoming the first team to reach the destination. As the teams progress across the globe throughout the grueling competition, dramatic conflicts and deepening friendships develop between and within the teams and are chronicled on the show. During the course of 13 episodes, 9 teams will be dismissed at checkpoints along the route, leaving three teams to compete for the victory ... and for the million dollars.

The teams for this installment of The Amazing Race are:

Amanda and Chris, dating couple, from Siuox Falls, SD. Amanda, 25, is a medical technician; Chris, 28, is a freelance graphics designer.

David and Jeff, best friends, from Los Angeles. David, 32, owns a marketing agency; Jeff, 37, is a real estate broker.

Debra and Steve, the married parents, from Louisville, Kentucky. Debra, 49, is director of an artists' colony; Steve, 40, is news director for a radio station.

Jon and Al, best friends and clowns, from Long Island. Jon, 40, works as a "human cannonball" for the circus; Al, 34, is an ex-circus clown who now works as a substitute teacher with occasional cruise-ship clowning on the side.

Kelly and Al, the engaged couple, from Miami. Kelly, 30, is a model; Jon, 28, is a real estate agent.

MIllie and Chuck, dating couple (for 12 years) and self-professed virgins, from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Millie, 29, works as an instructor for the Tennessee Aquarium; Chuck, 28, has worked in a series of short-term physical occupations.

Monica and Sheree, NFL wives and moms, from Duluth, Georgia. Monica, 29 and a mother of two, was an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader; Sheree, 31, has three children.

Reichen and Chip, married couple, from Los Angeles. Reichen, 28, is a pilot and an instructor at a flight school; Chip, 36, has started his own media-related company. We do not know if this is a civil union or a legal marriage, but we'll probably find out before the race is over.

Russell and Cindy, friends who are dating, from the greater Los Angeles area. Russell, 32, is a model and entrepreneur; Cindy, 39, is a former model and inventor.

Steve and Dave, air traffic controllers, from Chicago. Steve is 46; Dave 43.

Steve and Josh, father and son, from Santa Barbara and Los ANgeles, respectively. Steve, 47, is a supervisor at a juvenile detention facility; Josh, 21, is a computer technician.

Tian and Jaree, models, from Miami Beach. Tian is 30; Jaree 33.

Phil Keoghan is returning as host.