In a surprise decision, despite the presence of Chris Daugherty, who had single-handedly lost the first challenge for the men, the men's Lopevi tribe opted to vote out Brook Geraghty, the 27-year-old project manager from Winthrop, Massachusetts, in a 5-3-1 split Tribal Council vote during last night's Survivor: Vanuatu premiere.

Survivor: Vanuatu opened with the program's eighteen new castaways participating in a local initiation rite that included a live pig sacrifice that is sure to result in a mobilization of PETA forces the likes of which Survivor hasn't seen since Survivor: The Australian Outback's great pig hunt. After capping the ceremony off with a greased pole climb by male contestant Brady Finta (who was selected by the Vanuatu tribal chief) both the men and women's groups began the long shoreline walk through the dark and stormy night to their new campsites.

After having some time to settle into their new living locations, the tribes assembled on Day 3 to compete in the episode's joint immunity and reward challenge. Upon arrival, the two tribes, neither of which had yet succeeded in creating fire, learned that in addition to winning immunity, the tribe that won the challenge would also receive the reward of a fire-creating flint.

The men's Lopevi tribe took the early lead in the complex multi-part obstacle challenge, but quickly saw their lead disappear when Chris, the 34-year-old highway construction worker from South Vienna, Ohio, was unable to cross the balance being without falling despite what seemed to be endless attempts. As a result, Yasur, the women's tribe, easily caught up to the men and won the challenge.

During the pre-Tribal Council scheming, four of the younger men, Brook, Brady, John Palyok, and John Kenney, made it clear that they planned to employ a "weakest link" strategy at the evening's Tribal Council -- and that as a result, Chris would be getting their votes. However, after hearing of the strategy that the buff young turks planned to employ, Lea Masters, the 40-year-old drill sergeant from Columbia, South Carolina, began to build a "husky man's alliance" of his own -- with his group's goal being to allow what passes for the "old people" in this season's game (ie, the 30 to 40-year-olds) to remain in the competition and instead vote out the stronger, younger, and better looking men. In addition to Chris, fellow non-hotties Rory Freeman, Travis Sampson, Chad Crittenden appeared to like Lea's plan, and as a result, a surprised Brook became the first person voted out of Survivor: Vanuatu.

The week's correct bootee prediction starts our Survivor: Vanuatu prediction record off at 1-0. In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, Episode 1 scores have been posted and there's a several hundred way tie for first place. Congratulations to all, we'll see if Episode 2 thins out the herd a bit. And if you haven't signed up yet, there's still time -- sign-up now.

So what happens next week? Does Lopevi manage to finally start a fire? Despite winning fire, are some of the Yasur's women already hit their breaking points? And is the men's "husky man alliance" already crumbling? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!