With its fourteen finalists determined at the conclusion of last week's premiere, the fourth season of UPN's America's Next Top Model got down to business last night and began its weekly photo shoot eliminations. Unfortunately for Brita, a 25-year-old waitress from La Cañada, California, the judges determined that her photos were the most lacking, resulting in her elimination from the modeling competition.

America's Next Top Model 4's second episode began with the girls learning they would begin their modeling journey in sunny Los Angeles rather than New York, the location of the show's first three cycles. Touring the Paramount Studios backlot, the girls discovered that they would be immediately transformed into "sexy aliens taking over Manhattan" for their very first photo shoot.

Realizing that this would be their first opportunity to work directly with judges Nigel Barker, Nolé Marin and Janice Dickinson as well as photo shoot stylist Jay Manuel. many of the girls expressed a sense of nervousness and uncertainty. Brita in particular seemed to be uncomfortable, becoming very self-conscious about her outfit and poses. "Brita, she really needs to learn to relax," commented Nigel.

After the shoot the girls were introduced to their new Los Angeles loft, where they received a surprise visit from Tyra. Then, following their first night's sleep in their new home, expert runway trainer J. Alexander arrived at the loft to take each girl's weight and body measurements, with Brita again expressing insecurity due to her "heavy" 138 pound weight. "I'm not one of the skinny girls... ya, I'm nervous," she confessed.

Following another night's sleep and a morning "Tyra mail" delivery, the girls found themselves at Privé salon, where each girl received a makeover intended to jumpstart their transformations into high-fashion models. Despite the makeover opportunity, not everyone was happy, with Tyra and the judges expressing disappointment in the attitudes of Keenyah and Brandy, who repeatedly complained about their new hairstyles.

Although Tyra later singled out the attitudes of Keenyah and Brandy as possible grounds for elimination, in the end the judges decided that Brita's disappointing photos were more significant, resulting in her elimination from the America's Next Top Model competition.