Bret Michaels apparently brought his wild ways on the road to his Rock of Love mansion.

Ray Sahranavard -- owner of the $9 million Encino, CA home where Rock of Love's second season was filmed last winter -- filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court last Friday against the show's Mindless Entertainment Inc. production company for breach of contract, fraud, negligence and negligent misrepresentation, E! News reported Wednesday. 

On Tuesday, the lawsuit was amended to include Michaels for intentional destruction of property.

Sahranavard claims at least $380,000 worth of damage was done to the mansion despite the fact Mindless Entertainment had assured him it would take care of the recently renovated residence, according to the lawsuit. 

In addition, Mindless Entertainment also promised to provide an additional $3 million of liability insurance for Sahranavard in case the residence was damaged.

After Rock of Love's second season concluded two months of filming in early December, Sahranavard said in the lawsuit that he returned to the residence and was met by holes in the walls and ceilings; doors that had been removed; an entirely repainted interior; and dead landscaping.

"[Mindless Entertainment] so negligently and carelessly conducted themselves while in possession of [Sahranavard's] property that they caused severe damage to [Sahranavard's] house," reads the lawsuit.

A general contractor subsequently assessed the house's damage at $380,000 -- however Mindless Entertainment claimed they were unaware what occurred inside the house while they weren't there.  Sahranavard disagreed in the lawsuit.

"[Mindless Entertainment] engaged in intentional acts which they specifically knew or should have known would cause destruction of [Sahranavard's] property," reads the lawsuit.  "Said actions included, but were not limited to, Bret Michaels driving his motorcycle through the interior of the house, including interior marble hallways, as well as other areas."

Sahranavard is seeking the cost of damages; the cost of the lawsuit; attorney fees; punitive and exemplary damages; and other costs the court deems appropriate.

Representatives for both Michaels and Mindless Entertainment have yet to comment on the suit, according to E! News.