Having already announced plans for a Queer Eye For The Straight Girl spinoff, Bravo is now looking to accomplish what's perhaps the ultimate Holy Grail of international television licensing -- turning an overseas version of a hit American series into a popular American series of its own. Beginning tonight, Wednesday, September 1, Bravo will begin running episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: UK at 10PM ET/PT.

Following up on the success of a UK edition special that aired in the place of a normal Queer Eye broadcast earlier this season and was well received by viewers, Bravo will air four additional Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: UK on Wednesdays during September. Episodes of the regular American Queer Eye series will continue to air on Tuesday evenings.

The overseas episodes will feature the British "Fab 5" -- Tristan Eves the Grooming Guru, Dane Bailey the Design Doctor, Julian Bennett the Fashion Savant, Jason Gardiner the Culture Vulture and Peyton the Food and Wine Connoisseur.

Although the UK edition plays out largely the same as its American counterpart, it holds twists, surprises and some interesting lessons in vocabulary, an issue that Bravo will address (just as it did in its initial Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: UK broadcast) via the addition of on-screen pop-ups that will ensure that no joke, innuendo or hip-tip gets lost in translation.

The four new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: UK episodes airing in September will spotlight the following blokes:

• Steven T. - Stephen is a Londoner who is on the verge of completing his MBA, and needs some help transforming from IT computer geek to business consultant chic. He has asked the UK Fab Five to reboot his style in time for him to pop the biggest question of his life, and ask his girlfriend to marry him. Premieres Wednesday, September 1.

• David M - David's style has gone down the "Tube" as has his job: for the past three years, this British bloke has been working for London's famed underground subway system. Now his daughter is turning 16, and David is desperate to find the look that will pull him out from the depths of fashion despair, and into the well-groomed, mannered and styled light in time to throw her a sweet sixteen that she won't be embarrassed to remember. Premieres Wednesday, September 8.

• Mark D - Mark, a doctor by training, has decided to trade in his medical digs for marionette strings and become a puppeteer/actor. Needless to say, Mark is having a bit of trouble convincing women that a doctor-turned-puppet master is a good dating prospect. In order to show the ladies that a man who plays with puppets all day can still play with a woman all night, the Fab Five will spruce up Mark's look and send him out for a round of Speed Dating. Premieres Wednesday, September 15.

• Earl J - Earl is a young music fanatic living amongst piles of records, piles of CD's...and little else. After being kicked out of his fathers' house, Earl found himself living with four roommates in post-college "simplicity," (read: pasta for dinner every night, a 14-item wardrobe and not a single matching piece of furniture). Ready to ring his Dad up and show him how he's grown, Earl has enlisted the Fab Five to introduce him to adulthood-at least as far as cooking, cleaning and accessorizing go. Premieres Wednesday, September 22.