Chima Simone was expelled from Big Brother's eleventh season during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality series.

The 32-year-old freelance journalist from West Hollywood, CA was evicted from the competition early Saturday morning for several rule violations, which most notably included willfully destroying her microphone by throwing it in the pool and repeatedly refusing to respond to producers' requests made over the house's public address system.

A video montage broadcast during last night's episode showed Chima ignoring requests to go to the Diary Room on Day 6 and Day 10, obstructing a camera in her bedroom on Day 40, and threatening to launch an expletive-filled tirade at last Thursday's eviction ceremony if Jeff Schroeder were to use the "Coup D'etat" power she suspected (correctly) home viewers had bestowed upon him.

"If in fact Jeff has the power, they better fish tank me this week because I'm telling you right now -- you better listen to me -- y'all need to have a fish tank on me for the whole hour," she said in the Day 35 rant.  "I am going to act up, and if you doubt me for a second you are going to have the FCC on your ass real quick.  And that is a threat."

The threat subsequently led last Thursday night's Big Brother 11 broadcast to air pre-taped rather than live.  While Jeff did use the "Coup D'etat" power to eliminate Chima's ally Jessie Godderz, she did not follow through with her threat -- presumably because she was aware the broadcast was being taped four hours before its usual 8PM ET live broadcast time.

After Chima was nominated for eviction by Head of Household Michele Noonan, she told allies Natalie Martinez, Lydia Tavera and Kevin Campbell that she planned to quit the competition. 

While her mood seemed to slightly improve as she decided to practice for the upcoming Power of Veto competition, she declined to put on her microphone despite numerous requests by producers over the public address system.

"You need your mic," reminded Natalie.

"I don't give a f--k," responded Chima.  "Eat it."

Lydia then volunteered to retrieve Chima's mic for her.

"No don't," instructed Chima.  "Seriously."

Kevin eventually retrieved Chima's mic so she could focus on practicing for the PoV competition.  He gave it to Natalie, who handed it to Chima in the backyard.  However instead of putting the mic on, Chima then immediately tossed it into the backyard's hot tub.

"Chima!" yelled Natalie, Kevin and Lydia, who fished the mic out of the hot tub.

"Chima, you could owe them for this," said Natalie.

"Yeah, whatever," replied Chima.

She was then instructed by the house's public address system to exchange her damaged mic with one from the storage room.

"I'm not going anywhere," she responded before her allies offered to retrieve one for her.

"Don't do it for me, please.  I'm not going to wear the new one."

Despite her pleas, Kevin fetched her a new mic.

"You know they're going to bother us until you put it on," said Kevin.

"F--k them," she replied before saying into the mic, "You guys can suck d--k."

After briefly wearing the mic Kevin got for her, she once again removed it.

Chima subsequently admitted to being "defeated," and Lydia reminded her that she could always quit if she felt that strongly about it.

"There's a door up there that she can walk out of if she so chooses," said Lydia.  "There is an exit."

The house's public address system then called Chima to the Diary Room.

"I'm not coming," she yelled.  "F--k off... I'm going to cause all kinds of havoc this week."

Chima once again declined another request to go to the Diary Room.

"You can come up here and talk to me personally.  I'm not coming," she said.  "How about you guys come out here?  Let's see some faces."

Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner then spoke directly to Chima over the public address system.

"Chima, it's Allison," she said. 

"I'm not coming," replied Chima.

"I hear what you're saying," answered Allison.  "I need you to come to the Diary Room now.  So please do that okay?"

Chima then left the bedroom she was sitting in with Natalie, Lydia and Kevin and proceeded to the Diary Room without giving any indication -- despite her subsequent post-eviction claim that she chose to quit -- that she wasn't expecting to return shortly.  

"F--k.  I'm tired of being talked to!" Chima vented as she left the bedroom without any of her belongings and carrying only a beverage cup.

"It'll be fine honey.  And tomorrow you're going to win the PoV," Natalie replied as Chima left the bedroom.

However once she entered the Diary Room, Chima was met by an unidentified female production staffer who prevented her from sitting in the room's interview chair.

"Alright, no need to sit down," the staffer told Chima as she directed her to a second door that presumably led to the show's production area.  "You're gonna go out this way."

After Kevin began openly speculating that Chima wouldn't be returning from the Diary Room, all seven remaining houseguests were called to the house's living room by Allison.

"I have an announcement to make," Allison told the houseguests over the public address system.  "It was very clear that Chima did not want to follow the rules of the game.  Tonight she made the decision to willfully destroy her microphone -- a piece of production equipment that you all are very much aware is a big violation.  For this and because of multiple rule violations, she needed to be expelled."

"This is stupid!" said Kevin, who was visibly distraught.

"Do we need to pack her stuff?" asked Lydia.

"If you can, the people that are closest to her," responded Allison.  "We'll make an announcement tomorrow about how it will affect nominations."

As Natalie, Lydia and Kevin began to pack Chima's belongings, Natalie placed the blame for Chima's expulsion on Michele.

"Michele led her to this point," said Natalie.  "Michele made her to this breaking point.  Michele befriended her last week.  Okay?  She was her friend and then she put her on the block.  I hope she's proud of herself and I hope she feels good and I hope she can live with herself and I'm going to tell her that!"

"No!" responded Lydia.  "Natalie, now is not the time... Trust me, you're not alone... Chima did not want to listen.  It's like telling an alcoholic, 'You need help.  You need to go to rehab.'  If they don't want it, they won't accept it."

"I know how Chima is, I could have reasoned with her," said Natalie.

"Natalie I know you believe you could," calmly stated Lydia.  "But Chima made this choice.  We would never make this choice for Chima."

"This is just dumb," said Kevin.  "It's not smart."

""It could not have got worse for her," said an agitated Natalie.  "They took her HoH power away [with the 'Coup D'etat' twist]."

"Natalie, you have to realize that's all part of the game," said Lydia.

"The only reason I'm staying right now is because I want vindication," said Natalie.  "That's why I'm staying."

"Everyday we have a choice in this house," stated Lydia.  "We have a choice to abide by the rules, Chima made a choice."

"She could have won the PoV and won Big Brother," added Kevin.

The following afternoon, Michele read an announcement to the other houseguests explaining how Chima's expulsion would impact the competition.

"I as Head of Household have nominated two people for eviction.  Since one of my nominees has been evicted from the Big Brother game for rules violations, my duties as Head of Household are now considered over," Michele read.  "In just a moment, you will all compete to become the next Head of Household.  As the outgoing Head of Household, I will not compete."

The HoH competition -- which took place Saturday evening -- then aired during last night's broadcast.

Dubbed the "Big Brother Invitational Golf Tournament," each houseguest had to use a giant golf putter to putt an oversized golf ball around a giant snail, aiming for the hole in one on the other side. If they missed, their shot would go into a giant windmill that had assigned various point values.

Similar to a game of real golf, the lowest score would be the winning score. One player would be eliminated in each round and get to choose a gift -- one of which was the HoH key. Eliminated players could keep the gift they chose or steal the gift of any previously eliminated houseguest.  The final golfer could choose from any of the gifts, including the HoH key.

Jordan Lloyd -- Jeff's closest ally -- won the competition and subsequently nominated Natalie and Lydia for eviction.

Big Brother 11's next episode will air Thursday, August 20 at 8PM ET/PT and feature a PoV competition, PoV ceremony, eviction ceremony and new HoH competition -- all of which will air live.