Andrew Gordon became the third houseguest evicted from Big Brother's twelfth season during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality show.

Andrew, a 39-year-old podiatrist from Miami Beach, FL, was evicted from the Big Brother house via an unanimous 8-0 vote on Day 27 after he was placed on the chopping block by Matt Hoffman, the season's third Head of Household.

Matt, a 32-year-old web designer from Elgin, IL, had originally nominated Andrew for eviction alongside Kathy Hillis -- a 40-year-old deputy sheriff from Texarkana, AR who had voted for Matt when he was up for eviction last week -- while he decided whether he wanted one of them to go home or wanted to attempt to "backdoor" Brendon Villegas or his "showmance" girlfriend Rachel Reilly

Matt's secret "Brigade" allies Lane Elenburg, Hayden Moss and Enzo Palumbo eventually convinced him he did need to attempt to "backdoor" Brendon Villegas, a 30-year-old high school swim coach from Riverside, CA, or Rachel, a 26-year-old chemistry graduate student and VIP cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, NV, but Brendon won the week's subsequent Power of Veto competition and opted not to use it, preventing Matt from being able to change his nominations.

However Andrew -- who Matt had originally called his "pawn" nominee -- had still seemed likely to survive the upcoming vote until many of the houseguests became convinced he had secretly formed an alliance with Brendon and Rachel (which he had, but unbeknownst to Rachel at the time) and turned against him after he got into an argument with Kristen Bitting, whom Andrew felt had been being much more sympathetic to Kathy.

Prior to having the houseguests vote live, Big Brother host Julie Chen gave each eviction nominee a chance to make a final plea and Andrew used the opportunity to give quick-spoken, rapid-fire speech in which he blindsided the rest of the houseguests by suddenly revealing Hayden's own secret "showmance" with Kristen, a 24-year-old shoe boutique manager from Philadelphia, PA.

"I have to talk fast.  Everybody thought I was going after Brendon and Rachel, there's a reason why I wasn't -- because there's someone else in this house that have a stronger relationship, it's a romantic relationship.  It's Kristen and Hayden.  You need help to get this relationship out.  When I was in the [same bedroom as Hayden] sleeping at night, these guys would get together, Kristen would get into the bed.  They would do massages, kissing, they're doing more.  The difference is that these people [Brendon and Rachel] are out [and] these two [Kristen and Hayden] are not out," Andrew told the other surprised houseguests.

"You have to break up two alliances in this house.  They said bad things about people.  No. 1, [Britney Haynes] -- this is not about me -- Britney, unfortunately [Kristen] doesn't like the way you talk.  [Ragan Fox], she thinks she has you in her pocket and she's going to control you, pushing your ego up," he continued as Kristen's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Lane, Hayden does love you but he's just taking you to the fourth [or] fifth [slot].  Enzo -- I can't say because you're my friend, but the things they said about your intelligence was wrong.  I'm here, I want to take them out, that's the reason you need me in the house, you've got to keep the votes."

"Now, yesterday there's only one person after my speech that didn't come to me and it was Kristen.  Why?  Lane, you're a man, you came to me, I love you for that.  [But Kristen,] she's a tin man, she doesn't care about anybody else, unfortunately she will break anybody.  Hayden, you've got to get out of it now.  I apologize, you're a great man, you really have to do it.  Watch out for Kristen guys.  Captain Kosher out, thank you very much Julie!"

Kristen and Hayden then immediately began reacting to Andrew's plea and shouting "lies, lies, lies," however Julie -- who later told Andrew it was "the best last plea speech I've ever seen" -- cut them off.

"Kristen, this is not your chance to talk, it is time for the live voting to begin," she scolded.

After Andrew's eviction, the 10 remaining houseguests -- minus Matt, who as the outgoing HoH, was ineligible to compete -- competed in the season's fourth HoH competition.

Dubbed "Majority Rules," the challenge required the houseguests to face-off two at a time and attempt to buzz in and correctly answer whether a prior challenge description Julie was reading involved a HoH, PoV, or Have Not challenge. 

If the houseguest who buzzed in first answered correctly, then the other houseguest would be eliminated and the winning houseguest would get to select which two houseguests would compete in the next round.  If not, their opponent would advance instead. 

Once only two houseguests were left, the first one to buzz in would be crowned the next season's next HoH, assuming they answered the question correctly (if not, their opponent would win).

Hayden and Britney were the first two houseguests to face off.  After buzzing in correctly, Hayden selected Brendon and Rachel to face-off next.  Rachel then won and selected Hayden and Kristen, who won and sent Rachel back to the pulpits to face-off against Kathy. 

However, Rachel ended up advancing again when Kathy answered incorrectly and she sent Kristen back to face-off against Enzo.  Kristen once again answered correctly and sent Rachel back to face-off against Ragan, but Rachel won again, leaving Kristen to face-off against Lane -- the only other houseguest still in the challenge.

Lane then buzzed in correctly and eliminated Kristen, leaving Rachel to face-off against Lane in the final question -- which Rachel answered correctly, resulting in her becoming the season's first two-time Head of Household challenge winner.

Julie then announced that, as Big Brother producer Allison Grodner had teased earlier on Thursday, the twelfth-season "secret saboteur" twist which had seemed to come to a quick end when Annie Whittington became the first houseguest evicted from the competition two weeks ago may be returning.

"One week from tonight, Pandora's Box will be back in play and a new saboteur could be released into the Big Brother game, and you America will choose who you want to receive the offer to be the new saboteur," she said.

Beginning last night and continuing through August 4, home viewers can cast text and online votes for the houseguest they want to receive the offer, which they will have the option to decline. 

Viewers will learn the identity of the top vote-getter on August 8 -- assuming the top vote-getter isn't evicted by then, in which case the next highest vote-getter will receive the offer.  If they decline, "there will not be a saboteur from this vote," according to the voiceover which explained the "America's Vote" voting instructions.

As the live broadcast ended, it seemed clear that Andrew's comments were generating some fallout in the Big Brother house.

"Really, why would I make that up?" Rachel shouted at Hayden and Kristen.

"We were not making out last night!" Kristen yelled. 

"You're a floater, so why don't you float on off because you're in danger... I have this key and that means I get to make nominations!" Rachel screamed.

"Alright.  I already know that you're going to put the two of us up.  I'm not stupid!  And I'm not scared," Kristen replied.

"Maybe I wasn't.  Maybe I will now," Rachel shot back.  "Thanks for making my mind up for me."
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