Big Brother evictee Ramses Soto's elimination came as a huge surprise to five people in the house, including himself, and now he's opening up about the demise of his game.

Ramses, a 21-year-old cosplay artist from Grand Rapids, MI, was evicted from the Big Brother house last week through a 7-3 vote over Josh Martinez.

Ramses, Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, Mark Jansen and Elena Davies firmly believed Josh would be going home, but Ramses apparently realized it may be a good idea for the other houseguests to take him out with Jessica in power as Head of Household.

"At first I thought that the votes to keep me were going to be Marlena [Mark and Elena], Maven [Matt Clines and Raven Walton], [Kevin Schlehuber], Cody, and [Jason Dent]," Ramses told Entertainment Weekly. "But on eviction day, I got the feeling the only votes I truly had were Marlena and Cody."

Since she served as Head of Household last week, Jessica was not allowed to vote unless there was a tie.

When asked to clarify why Paul Abrahamian's alliance would want to keep Josh in light of his mood swings and loud outbursts, Ramses replied, "Josh has a huge target on his back, which means as long as he's in the game it means one more week of safety for everyone else."

Paul noted in a recent episode that Josh would be a shield for him in the game. Josh's hatred of Cody and Jessica also played to Josh's advantage because he'd continue to take swings at the showmance whenever possible. 

"He has vocalized his hate for Jody, which is also Paul's target," Ramses continued, "and when Paul wants something done, he'll have his minions to help."

Ramses isn't shocked Paul is the puppetmaster behind all these moves since he's a returning player who finished as the runner-up last season.

"He's an amazing player. He has the entire house convinced he's on their side," Ramses told EW. "I truly thought that me and Jody could have taken him out since we were the only people to really see him as a threat since Day 1."

Although Ramses was pretty blindsided by his eviction, he said he worked hard last week to secure votes in his favor.

"I boosted my social game up. Especially with Maven. I had multiple conversations with every houseguest after [nominations] and after veto, and with their responses, I felt 'somewhat' safe... I definitely had multiple points I told Jessica so she understood it would make no sense to put me up in the first place," Ramses explained.

"If she wanted Josh out she would have put someone that has a guaranteed zero votes to evict, like Kevin. I also had post-Veto competition conversations with her expressing that I could get blindsided, but the ultimate decision was obviously up to her.

Jessica opted out of nominating a popular player like Kevin -- or a power player like Alex Ow -- in Ramses' place because she didn't want to ruffle anyone's feathers following Cody's disastrous HoH reign. Jessica hoped to rebuild trust and loyalty with people in the house, but her faith in the other players resulted in one of her potential allies going home.

If Ramses could go back and change one thing about his game in the house, he said, "I would have campaigned even more than I did to Jessica after veto even though she was telling me I'd be safe on that Thursday."