The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay's final breakup with her runner-up was reportedly excruciating.

"When it gets down to the finale and the final two guys, the last breakup is the most heart-wrenching of all time," an insider told Us Weekly. "They couldn't say goodbye, and even when they did, there were so many tears from her."

Rachel still has Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo and Eric Bigger in the running for her heart on The Bachelorette's thirteenth season.

The man who finished the season second place was allegedly inconsolable after Rachel, a 32-year-old Dallas attorney, dumped him.

"After she left, he collapsed and sobbed," the insider said of Rachel's runner-up.

Rachel reportedly had a very difficult time deciding between her Final 2 suitors, as she was falling in love -- or was possible in love -- with both men.

"She was torn until the very end," the insider told Us. "It's brutal to watch this breakup -- worst breakup in years on this show."

Earlier this month, Rachel teased to the magazine that her split from the "No. 2" bachelor was the "hardest goodbye." In fact, Rachel called that moment in which she called it quits on their romance "the hardest moment" of The Bachelorette process "in general."

Rachel also wrote in her People blog last week that fans should prepare for "the most brutal breakup in Bachelorette history."

However, Rachel's roller-coaster experience on The Bachelorette ended happily and all of her dreams apparently came true.

Rachel wrote in her blog that one of her three remaining bachelors made her "the happiest fiancee in the world." She has gushed about being madly in love with this man, telling multiple news outlets that they hope to get married some time next year.

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