Big Brother crowned Season 20's first Head of Household and nominated the season's first houseguests for eviction during Thursday night's broadcast on CBS.

Tyler Crispen, a 23-year-old lifeguard from Rossford, OH, who currently resides in Hilton Head, SC, won the season's first Head of Household competition, which featured only the eight houseguests who were still eligible for Week 1 eviction competing.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Tyler decided to nominate Sam Bledsoe, a 27-year-old welder from Stuarts Draft, VA, and Steve Arienta, a 40-year-old former undercover cop who currently resides in Wanaque, NJ, for eviction.


Tyler told Sam and Steve he nominated them for eviction because they were the first two houseguests eliminated during the HoH competition, which required the houseguests to traverse balance beams and retrieve balls they could then use to help eliminate the other houseguests from the challenge.

Big Brother's second Season 20 episode began with the houseguests beginning to bond and nascent alliances beginning to form.

While Kaitlyn Herman had initially been upset Chris "Swaggy C" Williams hadn't saved her move-in foursome from Week 1 eviction alongside his own after he won the premiere's "BB Supercomputer" competition, she got over it and the pair began to ally together.

In addition to themselves, Swaggy C and Kaitlyn also targeted Haleigh Broucher, Angie "Rockstar" Lantry and Faysal Shafaat for their five-person alliance.

The houseguests then competed in the season's first Head of Household competition. Since Swaggy C had already saved two of Season 20's four move-in groups from Week 1 eviction, only the eight remaining houseguests competed in the challenge: Kaitlyn, Sam, Steve, Tyler, Angela Rummans, Bayleigh Dayton, JC Mounduix, and Winston Hines.

Dubbed "Microchip Mayhem," the HoH competition required the houseguests to race across individual balance beams, grab a "Deletion Dot" ball, and then return to the starting platform and deposit the ball into one of eight individually marked tubes that represented each houseguest's life in the competition.

Each tube held ten balls, and once a houseguest's tube was full they would be eliminated from the HoH competition.

Given the competition's format, it was possible for houseguests to team-up and target another houseguest and several houseguests did so. 

Tyler and Bayleigh decided to work together and get Steve out, and Angela and Winston then did the same with Sam -- resulting in Sam and Steve quickly becoming the first houseguests eliminated from the competition.

Kaitlyn was then targeted next and followed by Winston, Angela, and JC, leaving Tyler and Bayleigh as the final two houseguests.  Tyler then won the challenge -- much to Bayleigh's anger since Tyler began his move against Bayleigh before their elimination of JC was complete.

Afterward, Tyler was approached by two nascent alliance groups.

The first group -- headed by Winston, and including Angela, Rachel Swindler, Kaycee Clark and Brett Robinson -- pushed for Tyler to ally with them and agreed with Tyler's initial thoughts of making Steve and Sam his initial nomination targets, with Bayleigh available as a possible backup option.

The second group -- Swaggy C, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Angie, and Faysal -- told Tyler that they believed nominating Sam or Steve would be "the worst move" given they were weak players and Tyler should target Angela or Winston instead.

"If you put up Sam and Steve, in my opinion, one of them will go home -- that it be just like a nobody went home on your HoH," Swaggy C told Tyler. "You put up Angela and Winston -- off the gate, it is a power move."

In addition, Bayleigh also attempted to patch up her relationship with Tyler.  However, in the process Bayleigh revealed she'd already built a close relationship with Swaggy C and considered him an ally.

Meanwhile, Sam -- stuck in her "robot mode" punishment at the time -- had also approached Tyler and told him she felt she had become the Big Brother's house outcast and wasn't going to beg that he not nominate her, but would obviously prefer Tyler not do so.

Afterward, the emotional conversation had left Tyler uncertain whether he could nominate Sam.

"I never thought I'd be on the verge of hearts talking to a robot," Tyler said in the Diary Room.  "My heart is hurting at the moment, and I'm starting to realize I don't know if I can put a robot on the block."

However, when it came time to reveal his eviction nominations later, Tyler did just that, putting Sam and Steve on the chopping block for Big Brother Season 20's first eviction.


"Now I got to decide, do I want to go with the easy move and nominate Sam and Steve.  Or, do I draw a line in the sand and take a shot at Swaggy's side by putting up Bayleigh," Tyler lamented in the Diary Room before revealing his nominations.

Big Brother Season 20's next episode will air Sunday, July 1 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

About The Author: Steven Rogers
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