A member of CBS' "Big Brother" house has been exposed as a convicted shoplifter and drunken driver, E! Online reported Thursday.

Janelle Pierzina, 25, appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court June 24 -- right before "Big Brother" production started -- on three bench warrants issued after she failed to show for arraignment on shoplifting charges, TheSmokingGun.com reported.

The Miami waitress was arrested in 2001 for allegedly stealing clothes from a Los Angeles Macy's and failed to attend any of her court hearings, leading the judge to issue three warrants and raise her bond to $30,000.

Pierzina finally pleaded guilty to petty theft last month, was fined $982 and barred from coming within 100 feet of Macy's, E! said.

She also got a bench warrant for missing a February 2001 arraignment on a DUI charge in Duluth, Minn., E! said. She pleaded guilty in June 2002, but was charged with probation violation for failing to finish an alcohol education program. She missed her probation violation hearing, gave herself up after another bench warrant, and was ordered to finish the program.

CBS refused to comment on the report, E! said.