Bettina Bell had a hard time opening up to The Bachelor eleventh-season star Brad Womack, similar to Tessa Horst's difficulty with The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman star Andy Baldwin

"I don't know if I would have done [The Bachelor] if it weren't for [Horst]," Bell told The Washington Post in a Monday report, as the two were childhood friends growing-up in the Washington DC-area.

Both women may have looked for love via The Bachelor -- but the similarities end there, as Womack booted Bell while Baldwin presented his final rose and a marriage proposal to Horst.  While the status of Baldwin and Horst's romantic relationship is a bit hazy -- they called off their engagement over the summer -- Bell's standing with Womack is crystal clear.

"It was more of a crush, magnified by the fact that there are 24 other women who are digging the guy you dig. So it's blown out of proportion," Bell told The Post.  "You're in this dreamland, and all of a sudden you come to reality again."

It took Bell longer than the other bachelorettes to share a kiss with Womack, a romantic gesture she said was a bit forced.

"You see us on a date, but we have five producers standing around," Bell told The Post, adding the producers often gave the two issues to discuss.  "The producers say, 'If you give us a kiss on camera, then we'll leave.'"

Bell told The Post her only regret was having Womack meet her father -- Georgetown architect Robert Bell -- who bashed The Bachelor star's education and career before questioning his sincerity with his daughter.

"[Womack's] an extremely nice person; I'd be happy to have him back anytime in my house," Robert told The Post last week. 

While Robert added that appearing on The Bachelor was "a lot of fun" -- "even if you play the bad guy" -- he didn't back off his initial hang-up with Womack's profession as a bar owner. 

"I'm not sure I'd want my daughter to marry someone who comes home every night at 2AM," he told The Post.

As for Bettina, the 27-year-old real-estate agent who currently resides in Hermosa, CA said there was one positive aspect of her The Bachelor experience.

"Business has never been busier," she told The Post.