Melissa Buschel knew Brad Womack wasn't the right fit for her, but she wasn't about to let it ruin her experience as a The Bachelor eleventh-season suitor.

"I basically was a little bummed to know right away that he wasn't the guy for me.  So I was like, 'Ah, whatever.  I'll start partying,'" Buschel told reporters during a Thursday conference call.

All that partying caught-up with the 28-year-old event planner from Westchester, NY, who was one of the 10 bachelorettes Womack sent packing at the conclusion of The Bachelor 11's premiere episode.

"The problem is -- what no one knows -- is that I had gotten very sick right before the show with the food that I had eaten, so I had nothing in my system," explained Buschel.  "It's my fault.  I take responsibility.  I made the wrong decision with starting to drink without any food in my system.  But that's one of the reasons I got so intoxicated.  Probably the drunkest I've ever been in my life."

Buschel also didn't back down from her initial inebriated assessment of the 34-year-old Austin, TX bar owner who is serving as The Bachelor 11 star.

"My first impression of Brad -- as drunk as I was -- was exactly what I said:  sweet.  I thought he looked adorable," she said.  "I knew right away that he was not going to be my Prince Charming because I just knew that he wasn't the type of guy for me... But I thought he was adorable, and throughout the show respectful and kind and he could have been much worse when he came to me.  I have nothing bad to say about him."

Buschel wasn't the first The Bachelor suitor to have too much to drink during filming for the show, and she presumably won't be the last.  However she did produce a memorable moment all her own, as one of her breast enhancers fell out of her dress.  She subsequently went on a mission to find it -- much to the amusement of the other suitors who had recovered it, but didn't give it back.

"For me, I thought that was hysterical," said Buschel.  "We all wear them... Women, you know we all have our things that we do to try and look better and stuff.  Those things are slippery little jelly thingies and one fell out.  I thought that the way I handled it when the girls went crazy and freaked out... I thought it was great.  I mean what else am I going to do but laugh and deal with it?"

Buschel's The Bachelor experience was a brief one, but she apparently took out of it what she put into it.

"To be quite honest, I didn't apply online," she said.  "I didn't think about wanting to be on it.  I was approached at the very end of the casting and just kind of decided, 'Why not?  Take a chance, have the experience and it would be fun.'"