The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick wasn't surprised to see DeAnna Pappas pay him a visit after she broke up with Jesse Csincsak, the suitor she had picked over Mesnick during last year's finale of her The Bachelorette edition.

"Obviously there was a breakup, and as soon as the breakup happened I had some suspicions. But that was just me in my own head, nobody said anything to me," Mesnick told Access Hollywood while visiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Burbank, CA facility this week.

Although he said viewers would have to "stay tuned" and wouldn't reveal exactly why Pappas came to see him while he was taping his The Bachelor edition last fall, Mesnick told Access that he had learned a lot about himself from his past experiences with Pappas. 

When speaking about the "type" of woman he had been looking for, Mesnick also seemed to imply that even if Pappas did (as the show's teaser promos for her upcoming visit have suggested) visit him looking for a second chance at a relationship with him, he no longer considered Pappas -- who according to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, broke up with Csincsak due her desire to "make it big" in Hollywood -- to be a good match for him.

"They have to be through their own personal storm -- whatever it is -- of their experience in life. Sometimes it lasts a month, a week...  sometimes it's 50 years. I learned from my experience with DeAnna that they have to be through that," Mesnick told Access about what he was looking for in The Bachelor bachelorettes he had to choose from. 

"I have this life in Seattle, and I'm never moving from Seattle [and] never leaving my little boy...  so they have to be ready and have that part of it -- whatever it is -- out of their system."

However, while he's intent on remaining in Seattle, Mesnick also later told Access that he and the bachelorette he proposed to at the conclusion of his The Bachelor edition's taping haven't had much discussion about whether she'll relocate to Seattle as soon as the show's finale airs on ABC in March yet.

"We haven't talked a lot in details," Mesnick said. "Because this is obviously a process that goes really fast, we need to make sure that everything is happening at the right pace, and what that is, we're still learning."

Mesnick also told Access that he had based his decisions about which bachelorettes to give his first Rose Ceremony roses to on a constantly-updated mental list that he had developed as he enjoyed the show's initial cocktail party reception.

"To have a relationship with somebody comes in a lot of different ways. Initially there's going to be a intellectual relationship, a friendship relationship, [and] a physical attraction. I was trying to find the best balance between all those, and I didn't have one of those pieces with some of the girls. That's how I had to base my decision," Mesnick said.

"It's a big decision. I knew when I was gonna walk into that room that all 25 girls were going to be gorgeous," he added. "I had to find the right balance for me."

Mesnick took it upon himself to bring up Nikki, the 29-year-old administrative assistant from Blue Island, IL who received his "first impression" rose, when Access attempted to suggest of some of the women that may have had a particularly good "balance" for him.
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"[She] caught my eye right away [when she got] out of the limo," Mesnick said. "Right away Nikki and I had a good instant connection... It was really easy for us to talk to each other, especially that first night... we could talk about anything, it was really easy."

Mesnick also reiterated that he's not concerned about the poor relationship track record of The Bachelor's twelve previous love matches.

"I'm not thinking about that," Mesnick told Access. "I mean... it seems to have not worked out somehow in the past. I would love to know what didn't work for those guys and what did work for those guys, and throw away what didn't work and take all of everybody and what did work and bring that into my life."

"I wouldn't have proposed to somebody if I didn't think it was gonna work," he added.

Although his edition of The Bachelor only premiered on ABC this week, Mesnick also said that he is already eagerly waiting its finale so that his life can return to normalcy.

"I'm so ready to go back to my regular life," he told Access. "I mean this is an unbelievable chance of a lifetime, and I was able to do it in two different ways, but I look forward to going back to work, and being Ty's dad and moving on with my regular life. Because as much as everyone has seen of me in the last several months, it's not me really. What's me is being at home with Ty, being a dad, having a life and a partner."