The Bachelor star Brad Womack says he was "shocked" at how some of the bachelorettes brutally criticized Michelle Money during last Monday's The Bachelor: The Women Tell All reunion special.

"I was shocked at the verbal assault that was thrown at Michelle! Yes, the ladies are entitled to their opinions, but after seeing Michelle sobbing, I expected the other women to back down a little bit. The attack was almost relentless! Thank God for referee Chris stepping in or who knows how bad it would have gotten," Womack wrote on his People blog.

The hurtful comments especially flared from bachelorettes Stacey Queripel, a 26-year-old bartender from Boston, MA, and Jackie Gordon, a 27-year-old artist from New York, NY. Although Womack said he does not think any less of the women for expressing their distaste for Money, he supported and defended the 30-year-old hairstylist from Salt Lake City, UT. 

"Michelle has obviously learned a lot about herself while watching the show and I'm confident she'll turn what she considers character flaws into something positive. All I can ask is please find the humor in Michelle's personality. (I still think the world of you, Jackie and Stacey! I'm just very surprised!)" Brad explained.

However, Money wasn't the only bachelorette to get emotional, as Ashley Hebert, a 26-year-old dentist from Philadelphia, PA, watched her exit for the first time and broke down because she realized it was actually very tough for Womack to let her go despite their awkward fantasy overnight date in South Africa beforehand -- a concern Hebert admitted she lost sleep over. 

"It's very difficult to watch a goodbye that was full of so much emotion. Seeing Ashley become emotional while watching our goodbye during the special really got to me. She told me she has regrets but I tried to comfort her," Womack wrote.

In addition, Womack said he wanted to alleviate any regrets Hebert had about keeping her guard up during the show and spending too much time seeking reassurance from him rather than just moving forward together in their relationship. Womack said he wished he could have given Hebert the closure she needed.

"I don't think anyone that hasn't gone through this experience realizes how difficult it can be when real feelings begin to develop. It can breed some insecurities and a lack of confidence that people aren't normally used to," Womack said.

"Ashley did nothing wrong. I wish I could have been the man that could comfort her and make her feel confident when she needed me. I failed at that particular task. Something tells me Ashley will be just fine."