The Baby Borrowers is apparently effective birth control after all -- just as NBC's promos stated.

All of the teenagers participating in The Baby Borrowers decided against having children anytime soon and all five of the couples have also all broken up since the NBC reality series was filmed last summer, the show revealed during last night's finale broadcast.

Last night's The Baby Borrowers finale began with the five couples learning life lessons from the elderly as the culmination of the social experiment -- which over the course of three weeks saw the youth experience the various stages of parenthood. 

Kelly and Austin -- two 18-year-olds from Dunwoody, GA -- had known each other since middle school and been dating for over a year before participating in The Baby Borrowers.

"This experience brought up a bunch of issues, a bunch of problems that Kelly and I kind of just pushed to the side and ignored," said Austin during the finale.  "But now that they've been brought up, it's kind of like, 'Well this is the time to figure them out.'  If we figure them out and we're good together, then we're good.  If not, we're not."

"I am so ready to get home, go back to school, see my friends.  I've been exhausted, and it's nice.  It's just a relief," added Kelly.

"I have no idea where Austin and I are going to be tomorrow, five years from now, 10 years from now.  But I've learned a lot doing this and I'm glad I did it with him.  I wouldn't change it for the world and I wouldn't do it with anybody else."

Kelly and Austin are both currently enrolled at Auburn University, and while they remain friends they are no longer dating.

After dating on and off throughout high school, Kelsey, an 18-year-old from Kensington, NH, and Sean, an 18-year-old from Seabrook, NH, decided to participate in The Baby Borrowers for opposite reasons.

"I wanted to show him that I could take care of kids and was ready to have babies and he wanted to prove to me that I was wrong and I couldn't take care of them," said Kelsey.  "He was definitely right.  Things are different when you have a baby."

Sean described The Baby Borrowers as a "reality check" for Kelsey.

"Now she knows she can't do it," he said.  "Thank god."
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Kelsey is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University while Sean is studying to be an electrician at the Peterson School.  They have gone their separate ways since filming for the show ended.

Eighteen-year-old Alicea and 20-year-old Cory -- both from Houston, TX -- had been dating for three years when they participated in The Baby Borrowers as a way to see if having children at a young age would help them better relate to their potential kids.  They got an answer via the show.

"If Cory and I were to have kids before this experience, it was like we wouldn't have made it.  We probably would have gotten divorced, a custody battle with the kids," said Alicea.  "Thank god for the experiment, otherwise we would have had a big mess."

Alicea is attending Cy-Fair College in Cypress, TX, where she is studying to become a makeup artist, while Corey is majoring in business at Texas State University.  They still see each other and are friendly, however they are also no longer dating.

Sasha, an 18-year-old from Easton, TX, and Jordan, an 18-year-old from Katy, TX, met while attending Texas Souther University and had been dating for more than a year when they decided to participate in The Baby Borrowers to prove to their parents and peers that teenagers are not as irresponsible as they're portrayed.

"This experiment was based on parenting skills and things of that nature, but it's also about giving you a sense of yourself and your personality," said Jordan at the show's conclusion.

"I think this whole thing has just made me and Jordan closer," said Sasha.  "I think this experiment has kind of tested our relationship, but it kind of tested us but it didn't break us."

While it may not have immediately broken the couple, they have since decided to split.  Sasha is currently studying to be a pharmacist while Jordan is studying to become an airline pilot.

Eighteen-year-old Morgan and 19-year-old Daton -- both from San Diego, CA -- had been dating on and off for roughly a year-and-a-half and decided to participate in the show to see if their responsibility-free relationship could handle a child. 

The couple broke up again during the show, with Daton flying back home to San Diego and leaving Morgan to serve a "single mom" to her last two charges, a teenage boy and elderly woman.

"I think Daton underestimated me.  I stuck it out and I didn't go home," said Morgan, who had her moments during filming.  "In three weeks of craziness, I experienced a taste of what it's like to live a whole lifetime.  I think I'd have to say I definitely matured from this."

Morgan also said the reality series gave her a greater appreciation for her mother, a single mom that she didn't have a great relationship with.

"I've disappointed my mom many times and I never really knew what she had to go through.  Now I do," she said.  "Once she looks at this whole experience that I've gone through, I think she'll be very pleased.  It's good when parents are proud of their kids, and I want my mom to be proud of me."

According to the show, Daton and Morgan tried giving their relationship one more shot after the show ended, however like all the aforementioned couples, they've since split again.

Baby Borrowers: Lessons Learned, a one-hour special billed as an "interactive town hall-reunion" that will include members from the show's cast, production crew and other special guests as they discuss the reality series and issues surrounding it, will air Wednesday,  August 6 at 9PM ET/PT.