Deemed to be boring, lacking magic, and too laid back, Ashley, a 22-year-old boutique buyer from Fort Lauderdale, FL , became the first girl eliminated from the fifth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's UPN broadcast.

Top Model 5's special two-hour premiere began with the season's 36 semifinalists arriving in Los Angeles and meeting with Tyra Banks and her Top Model team. After weeding through the semifinalists to determine Top Model 5's thirteen contestants, the newly crowned finalists were taken on a tour of Los Angeles. Once Robin Leach's Beverly Hills "star homes" tour ended, the girls were surprised to learn that the tour's last stop -- a glamorous Bel-Air mansion -- would serve as their new home during the competition.

Later that afternoon, a stretch limousine escorted the girls to a Los Angeles nightclub. There they met with photo director and make up artist Jay Manuel who informed them that they would be attending a Life & Style Magazine party and starring in their first runway show for all the celebrities and guests at the party.

It didn't go good. During the show, many of the girls had trouble walking in high heels, while others went the wrong direction on the catwalk. Ashley began to reveal her competitive side when she refused to help her roommate Kim apply her make-up. "I honestly have to say that was the absolute worst fashion show I've ever done," Jay said of the girls' awkward performance.

The next morning, the girls joined Jay again, this time for their first photo shoot where they were challenged to pose as supermodel superheroes while suspended on an overhead wire. Although Jay was impressed with the overall effort of the girls, he felt that Ashley seemed awkward and had trouble lengthening her neck. "Ashley definitely struggled a little bit on this photo shoot. If we're lucky we got one photo out of Ashley," he noted after her shoot.

Although many of the girls showed a need for improvement, Tyra and the judges felt that Ashley's runway walk at the fashion show was boring, her supermodel superhero photo didn't show enough intensity, and her effort within the competition was based solely on her beauty. "She just doesn't have that magic ingredient for me," new judge Twiggy commented during the judges' deliberation. As a result, Tyra sent Ashley packing, making her the first girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model's fifth edition.