Kelly Smith Beaty became the seventh candidate fired from NBC's non-celebrity revival of The Apprentice during Thursday night's broadcast of the reality competition's sixth episode.

The Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Kelly after her Fortitude women's team lost the season's sixth task, which required Fortitude and the Octane men's team to each organize and run a pedicab business on the streets of New York City.

Fortitude organized a "Babes on Bikes" theme attempting to sell their sex appeal to businessmen. Octane chose to create a Roman chariot ride targeting tourists and families. Kelly, a 30-year-old from Fayetteville, GA, opted to serve as the project manager for the women, while Anand Vasudev, a 31-year-old from Tampa, FL, volunteered to lead the men. 

Octane's pedicab service ended up turning out great when the men divided the responsibilities evenly among themselves and worked in a booming location at Trump Tower, however Fortitude's strategy fell flat when the Wall Street businessmen the women targeted were either uninterested or in busy working.

After the task, both teams met with Trump in the boardroom. However after arriving, the men immediately began requesting Trump make an exception to the rules and eliminate David Johnson regardless of whether Octane had won or lost the challenge.

"Dave is the most classless, schizophrenic human I've ever met in my life -- Dave cannot find his rear end in the bathtub when it comes to business -- He's a disruption, he's a problem, and frankly win, lose, or draw tonight sir. I beg you, I implore you, to rid us of this plague before we go even further or we won't be able to function," Clint Robertson pleaded with Trump.

"That is probably the strongest group of words I've ever heard on The Apprentice," Trump replied.

Steuart Martens then chimed in and reiterated Clint's request.

"I just want to sit here and say that I'd completely 100% backup Clint and his statement to the point where we've nicknamed David 'the virus,'" Steuart added.

The arguing continued and then Trump gave David a chance to respond to his teammate's accusations.

"I knew that the three of them didn't like me. I don't respect them, they don't respect me, it's obvious," David said.

David then apologized and attempted to convince Trump he sincerely wanted to win the competition, however Clint fired back and noted he was tired of hearing David's constant apologies.
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"You've turned out to be just a loopy nut on this show... you couldn't get a job as an Oompa-Loompa making Gobstoppers.  You absolutely shouldn't be here applying for Mr. Trump's position -- It's insane. It's ridiculous," Clint responded.

However after questioning the wome's strategy and leadership, Trump revealed Octane had raised nearly three times as much money as Fortitude and won the task -- leaving them stuck with David for another week.

Once the men left the boardroom, Trump quickly zeroed in on Kelly and asked her what went wrong. She said the Wall Street location had resulted in their failure and blamed Stephanie, a 34-year-old from Chicago, IL, for choosing the poor spot.

Afterward, Kelly opted to have Stephanie and Liza -- who most of the team had signled out as having poor sales skills -- join her back in the boardroom.

"She tasked sales to me and the group, she tasked location... I'm from Chicago and I'm from Canada I have no clue about New York City," Stephanie argued.

Trump then asked Liza whether she would eliminate Stephanie or Kelly if given the option.

"In this task I would actually fire Kelly. It's because she was project manager and maybe she should've really just known more about the location that they picked and known why it wouldn't work when they went on the road to scout it," Liza responded.

But Kelly still attempted to convince Trump that the location was not her fault and that she had been focused on her other responsibilities.

"As project manager it was most critical for my role to put people where they would be most successful. She's our best sales person so I put her in that capacity," Kelly said.

"In all fairness to Stephanie, she knows nothing about New York. So wasn't ultimately aren't you responsible for picking the location?" Trump asked Kelly.

"I am responsible for what happens with the team sir, but I can only lead. I have to be able to trust my people to do what it is they're supposed to do," Kelly replied.

However Trump rejected the idea and concluded that, as Fortitude's project manager, Kelly had ultimately been responsible for the team's success or failure.

"You failed the test, you failed the task, Kelly, You're fired!" Trump stated.

"Stephanie absolutely lied about picking the location. She was responsible for going to Wall Street and ultimately she was wrong," Kelly lamented after her elimination.

"But you know, at the end of the day I was project manager and I was responsible for that decision so that's a fall that I'll accept. But things have a very funny way of working out and I'm sure that Stephanie will fall on her sword very soon."