Yve Rojas tried working a few angles to keep herself alive as a Survivor: Nicaragua castaway after a tribal swap cost the 41-year-old Kansas City, MO homemaker her two main allies in her Espada tribe.

However none of them worked and she became the seventh Survivor: Nicaragua castaway voted out of the game during Wednesday night's special double Tribal Council episode.

On Thursday, Yve and fellow bootee Kelly Bruno -- who was booted by the La Flor tribe during their own Tribal Council session -- talked to Reality TV World about their Survivor: Nicaragua experiences.

Below is Yve's portion of the joint interview in which she explains whether she was surprised to be voted off, what "enraged" her, and whether she had really been against Espada's women forming an early game alliance.

Reality TV World: Wednesday night's episode made it look like you had believed convincing the tribe to vote [Dan Lembo] off instead of yourself was going to be your only chance to stay in the game.   Was that accurate?

Yve Rojas: Um, it's somewhat accurate.

Although, walking into Tribal Council I also was semi-confident that [NaOnka Mixon] and [Chase Rice] and [Holly Hoffman] really were committing to an alliance we had made prior to that. 

But at the same sense, um, I was so enraged that Dan had this opportunity to be there and him constantly wanting to quit -- constantly cursing the game, the weather, the experience, all of it -- that when it was becoming more apparent that the possibility was absolute that I'm going home tonight over somebody who doesn't really want to be here, it was a little bit more disheartening.

Reality TV World: The episodes have made it look like that there actually wasn't that much trust between [Alina Wilson] and NaOnka, Chase and [Ben "Benry" Henry] out there. Did you ever actually try approaching a couple of them about voting one of their own off instead of Danny yourself, or were you just not aware how fragmented they might have actually been out there?

Yve Rojas: Actually I was quite aware of it. Immediately upon returning from the challenge Chase approached me and let me know where Alina stood, so I knew Alina was next on the La Flor list to go.

So when I approached her regarding my comments about relationships on the other side, my goal was to let her know that she may have some extra numbers over there because clearly she was in a precarious situation before [the tribal swap]. And I'd had another conversation with NaOnka.

So I had an idea, yes.
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Do I, in retrospect, wish that maybe I had been much more strategic about it? Sure.

I think I hesitated a bit too much. 

Reality TV World: A couple of the tribe members seem to suggest that the fact that you had campaigned so strongly against Dan was kind of the reason you went home because it exposed you as an aggressive player that would be more dangerous to keep around. Had you envisioned that possibility? Do you agree with that or do you think that might have been what did you in, or do you think you would've been going home either way?

Yve Rojas: No, I don't think my remarks had much to do with the sudden change.

I mean we all knew that. It was no new news.

I don't think I was overly hostile or aggressive towards Danny. I was just reinterating what he had expressed before.

Reality TV World: When we talked to [Wendy DeSmidt-Kohloff] earlier this season she had said that the Espada women had actually wanted to form a women's alliance in the first couple of days, but the reason it had fallen apart was because you also wanted [Marty Piombo] to be a part of it?

Yve Rojas: No, actually that's not true. I actually thought that was a decent idea and then after our first loss, I had yes, actually formed a relationship with Marty.

But I went to speak with the women after that and none of them responded directly to me, and I looked right at them all and I said, "If this is going to be an alliance, then we're standing here an opportunity altogether -- What's the decision? What's the choice?"

And at that point they were all hesitant.

You know, it was their first vote. No one really had the confidence to commit to the women's alliance at all -- Holly included. Jane included.

So nobody was committed, I don't know why she targeted me. But nobody at that exact moment.

Reality TV World: So Holly seemed to think you had an alliance with [Tyrone Davis] and you said you didn't. Who did you actually have an alliance with while you were out there then?

Yve Rojas: My alliance was Marty and [Jill Behm], and we had Danny on in there. And I actually -- Holly was my fourth.

The [perspective] with Tyrone was inaccurate. Completely inaccurate.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on Survivor? How did you end up on the show?

Yve Rojas: I applied a couple years ago and then finally had a call after about a year and I was asked to re-apply and submit yet another much longer video and just started that whole process.

So I applied a couple years ago and was just persistent at it. I am a huge fan. I love the show. And I really wanted to be in the game.