The Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Liza Mucheru-Wisner from the show's seventh season and determined its final two finalists during Thursday night's broadcast of the NBC reality competition's penultimate episode.

"Hearing those words come out of Mr. Trump's mouth were just devastating and I sort of feel like I kind of went out on a bad note. I really value Mr. Trump's opinion, and the fact that he thinks I was not getting along with people, really hurts. It's just hard to take in that I got fired when I was so close," Liza said following her ouster.

Liza, a 30-year-old from Corpus Christi, TX, was fired after Trump called the three remaining finalists into the boardroom and gave Liza, Clint Robertson and Brandy Kuentzel the opportunity to each plead their case for a spot in the season's final twosome.

Clint, a 40-year-old from Austin, TX, and Brandy, a 30-year-old from San Francisco, CA, said they believed Liza to be the weakest competitor, and Trump noted he'd heard contestants put down Liza's work ethic and qualifications many times before.

"You've had a hard time," Trump said.

"I have had a hard time," Liza confirmed.

"But here you are," Trump noted.

"Yes exactly. I feel like I have accomplished a lot -- just even still being here -- final three," she said.

Trump continued to address Liza, and although he said all three competitors deserved to win and succeed, he pointed out Liza's major flaw that would constitute for her elimination.

"Liza, you are somebody who had a hard time getting along with people. Probably the person you got along with best was Donald Trump, because I was always defending you," Trump told her.

"I saw things in you that nobody else did, and yet week after week after week people would comment and say you're the weakest player... in the meantime, they're home and you're here. But you have to learn to get along with people better."

"And you're outstanding in every way, but Liza, you're fired."
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After Liza was fired, Brandy and Clint met Trump on his Trump National Golf Club course in Westchester, NY, where they learned their individual final task assignments: putting on a 500-person dinner gala that would feature a concert by Liza Minnelli or organizing a VIP golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin.

Trump then revealed that six previously eliminated seventh-season contestants would return to help the two finalists with their assignments.

As the winner of the season's prior task, Trump gave Brandy the ability to choose between picking one of the two tasks or determining which of the eliminated contestants she was going to work with.

Brandy decided to pick the teams rather than the task and decided to work with Liza, Stephanie Castagnier and Anand Vasudev.

Her choice left Clint to work with Steuart Martens, Poppy Carlig and Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy -- the team he claimed he would have chosen originally anyway, giving him the best of both worlds as he was able to choose the task he wanted after receiving his preferred team. He chose to take on the concert and dinner task, leaving Brandy with the golf tournament.

The reminder of the episode featured "Team Clint" and "Team Brandy" planning their tasks while encountering several difficulties.

Clint's team realized they had spelling errors on their welcome posters and table cards and had their catering company quit the night before the event, while Brandy's team had their photographer show up at the wrong location and Liza -- a former competitive golfer who knew the most about planning the tournament -- set to be taken from Brandy's team the day of the event to golf with Trump. 

The seventh-season finale will air on Thursday, December 9 at 10PM ET/PT and feature the conclusion of Brandy and Clint's tasks and Trump revealing the winner of The Apprentice