This week's classic Survivor lesson? Pride cometh before the fall. Again.

In a display of overwhelming hubris and hypocritism that possibly set new highs for a series that's now been airing for seven ediions, "Outcast" returnee Burton Roberts became the first two-time loser in Tribal Council history. ...and then promptly moaned about fellow castaway Lillian Morris' "betrayal" of their alliance -- only moments after Burton and his ally Jon Ross had voted for Lillian's ouster before coming out on the short end of the 3-2 vote.

In a bit of Survivor editing that we're guessing even series producer Mark Burnett would secretly admit to enjoying, the extreme overconfidence and arrogance of the duo was repeated stressed throughout the episode, who's seemingly endlessly negative comments about women are likely to haunt them for some time. However, when the Tribal Council vote came, it was the three woman alliance of Lillian, Darrah, and Sandra who felt they got the last laugh (along with, judging from their reactions, apparently the majority of the existing jury).

This week's correct prediction of Burton's second booting left SurvivorBlows' prediction record at 11-0-3 (eleven correct predictions, zero incorrect, and three correct alternate bootee.) In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, there's yet another new lead change atop the leaderboard -- "Brownroach" and "richthedevil" are now in a two-tie for first place as we wind down to this Sunday's finale.

So what happens in the Survivor finale? Will the truth ever come out regarding Jon's grandmother? Will the women stick together and oust Jon or will Jon manage to worm his way into the Final 3? Will Darrah ever lose immunity? And will the longstanding Final 2 and winner rumors finally turn out to be true? Check out our Survivor spoilers message board for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!