The final verdict is in, and it's not positive for the future acting careers of original American Idol finalists Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. Their Fox movie From Justin to Kelly, which flopped on its opening weekend, has now become one of the year's biggest cinematic failures. The Associated Press reports that the second-weekend box-office totals for J2K place it merely 16th for the week, with a total box office of just $625,429 despite showing on 1969 screens.

That means that the per-screen box-office take for J2K for the Friday-Sunday weekend was just over $317 -- far and away the lowest total in the entire rankings for this week. In fact, no movie showing on more than 400 screens did less business than J2K this weekend, and its total box-office take so far is merely $4.5 million. When coupled with Bunim-Murray's reality-movie flop The Real Cancun, which managed only $3.3 million in its two weeks of wide release by New Line, these two movies are likely to scare filmmakers away from any more reality-movie productions ... at least until someone like Survivor's Mark Burnett, the master showman of reality TV, takes an interest in filmmaking.

Meanwhile, Launch Radio reports that Kelly and Justin deny having any kind of personal relationship except friendship. We wonder if that's why they had so little on-screen chemistry.

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