The verdict is in, and the tip that Reality TV World received regarding the final two in NBC's For Love Or Money, which we reported here, has clearly proven to be incorrect. Kelly is not one of the final two; instead, the final two are Erin and hard-drinking Paige, who may make a good pair with drunken would-be-rapist Rob.

However, this also calls the other part of the tip -- that Erin would be the star of For Love Or Money 2 -- into question. In fact, late last week Reality TV World received a new tip from a new tipster stating that the original "spoiler" was incorrect; the new tipster claimed, correctly as it turned out, that Erin and Paige were the final two (although with no tip as to which one wins).

More interesting was this part of the new tip:

Rob shows up in the next For Love or Money.The girl came from the first group of girls booted off this show.

...which was then followed by another tip, again correctly stating that Erin and Paige were the final two and that ...

the girl on the next [show] is from the first group of girls released from [this] show. It was taped right away in tandem with the first. The girl is not Erin.

We shall see if these tips are more accurate than our prior tip. As always, check Reality TV World for the latest information. We'll let you know as soon as we can confirm any information regarding the identity of the bachelorette star of For Love or Money 2 or whether Rob will reappear.

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