American Idol finalists Naima Adedapo and Haley Reinhart were obviously not among the contestants who reportedly believed the Beverly Hills mansion the show had been housing them in was haunted.

"It is so not haunted," Adedapo told TMZ this past weekend.

"It's dusty though," Reinhart said, adding that she "wished it was" haunted.

"It's just dusty and old. That's all," Adedapo explained.

Last week, TMZ reported American Idol producers had moved the tenth season's 11 remaining finalists out of the mansion after the contestants became convinced the property was haunted and insisted on leaving.

The finalists -- who had moved into the property earlier this month following the season's March 4 semifinals results show -- reportedly began believing the mansion may have been haunted when the lights began flickering and they also experienced a subsequent "spooky" spider infestation.

However, several finalists then went "over the edge" when they claimed to have seen a bed sheet "suddenly take on a life of its own" and float down an empty hallway, according to TMZ.